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Thirty-second Lesson - Zowangi-Zowango! The Gathering, Beast Origin Village (修行その32 ゾワンギゾワンゴ!集結、獣源郷 Shugyō Sono Sanjūni: Zowangi-Zowango! Shūketsu, Jūgenkyō) is the thirty-second episode of Juken Sentai Gekiranger. It is the beginning of a four-episode showdown in Beast Origin Village introducing the truth regarding the origins of Beast-Fist and the original master, Bruce Ee.


The seven Geki Juken Sages stand before Rio and Mele to prevent them from reaching Beast Origin Village, leading to a showdown and revelations regarding Beast-Fist.


Rio and Mele managed to arrive at the Beast Origin Village thanks to the SoZyuTo. However, they are hindered by all seven Kensei, who have no choice but to make a stand to keep Rio away from the Jūken God that dwells within. Though the two had Dorinki, the Kensei overpowered Rio and Mele. However, the Kenma arrive on Maku's cloud, with Maku bent on punishing Rio for his disrespect towards him. But Sha-Fu chided Maku as he himself was the same with their mentor, Brusa Ee, revealing how Maku and the other First Demons murdered their master with the Seven Kensei stopping them from achieving world dominion. Though Maku was bent on finishing their fight, Kata got curious of the importance behind their old training grounds and used his Ringi to probe Sharkie's mind to learn that after the fight, the Seven Kensei created SaiDain, to hold their master's soul. When Sha-Fu questions Maku's reason for betraying Brusa, he infuriates the Kenma to enlarge and attempt to kill the Kensei, only to hindered by Geki Fire. But even through Geki Bat and Geki Shark, Geki Fire was easily defeated by the stronger Maku, who intends to teach the Gekirangers a lesson in respect. The Kensei restrain Maku and the Kenma, allowing the Gekirangers to pursue Rio and Mele, facing them within SaiDain's chamber. But Rageku arrives during their fight and uses her Ringi on the seven to send them all back in time as Maku ordered.


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DVD releases

Gekiranger DVD Vol 8

Gekiranger Volume 8, DVD cover

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Lesson 29: Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shopping, Lesson 30: The Sei-Sei de Dou-dou Woman, Lesson 31: We Muni-Muni!, and Lesson 32: Zowangi-Zowango! The Gathering, Beast Origin Village. [1]


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