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First Lesson: Niki-Niki! Fierce Beast-Fist (修行その1 ニキニキ!激獣拳 Shugyō sono Ichi: Niki-Niki! Geki Jūken) is the first episode of Juken Sentai Gekiranger.


Jan Kandou, a wild boy raised by tigers, is brought in by the SCRTC company to become a member of the Gekiranger after their rival school, Rinjuken Akugata, gains the means to begin its revival.


On a lunar eclipse that occurs every 500 years, the Kenma Bracelet must be sealed at an area surrounding the Beast Fist Life Tree, so it would be out of evil's hands forever. But, Fierce Beast Leopard-Fist user Miki Masaki encounters a wild child named Jan Kandou before she is attacked by a group of Akugata Rinshi led by Confrontation Beast Mantis-Fist user Makirika, who steals the Bracelet. Then, the leader of Confrontation Beast Hall, Rio, obeying the souls of the long dead founders of the Rin Jūken style, starts their plans to conquer the world by first amassing Rinki energy from the terror inflicted on humans.

Gekiranger Aura training

GekiYellow and GekiBlue training their Geki abilities

However, the Grand Master of the Fierce Beast-Fist style, Fist Sage Sha-Fu, along with Miki have been prepared for this coming battle and were training two young fighters: Fierce Beast Cheetah-Fist practitioner Ran Uzaki and Geki Jū Jaguar-Ken user Retsu Fukami. Jan joins the other two warriors in forming the Gekiranger team. However, they face Makirika, now a Beast-Man after absorbing enough Rinki. Though Jan manages to defeat Makirika with his newly-developed Fierce Beast Tiger-Fist, the Beast-Man soon grows into a giant.


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Gekiranger DVD Vol 1

Gekiranger Volume 1, DVD cover

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-4: Lesson 1: Niki-Niki! Fierce Beast-Fist, Lesson 2: Waki-Waki! Beast-Fist Combination, Lesson 3: Shio-Shio! Cleaning Power, and Lesson 4: Zowa-Zowa! The Five Venom Fists. [1]

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