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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of sexual humor. Viewer discretion is advised!

Eleventh Lesson - Ukya-Ukya! Beast-Fist Armament (修行その11 ウキャウキャ!獣拳武装, Shugyō Sono Jūichi: Ukya-Ukya! Jūken Busō) is the eleventh episode of Juken Sentai Gekiranger. It is the conclusion of the two part story introducing Master Elehung Kam Po, concentrating on his training with Ran; it also introduces the first of the three Fist Demons of RinJyuKen: Sky Fist Demon Kata.


Master Elehung challenges Ran to learn how to have fun while fishing to master the ability of the GekiHammer before Muzankose can cause a city-destroying earthquake.


Ran begins to master the Elephant-Ken and the Geki Hammer under Master Elehung. However, Elehung's ideals and training methods differ from Xia Fu's own, thus confusing Ran while Jan and Retsu attempt to fight Muzankose without her. But the antics of Elehung managed to make Ran laugh while she was fly fishing, a part of her training, finally making a hit. Learning that happiness is a needed element in any situation, a "different" Ran uses the Geki Hammer to help her friends and defeat Muzankose in time. When Muzankose grew, Elehung tells the Gekirangers to use Ran's training to summon the legendary Geki Beast Geki Elephant, which combines with Geki Tohja, forming Geki ElephanTohja and defeating Muzankose. However, as Xia Fu sensed, Rio managed to destroy the barrier that kept him from reviving the Sky Kenma: Rin Jū Hawk-Ken grand master Kata.


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Gekiranger DVD Vol 3

Gekiranger Volume 3, DVD cover

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Volume 3 features episodes 9-12: Lesson 9: The Kena-Kena Woman, Lesson 10: Jara-Jara Attack! The First Errand, Lesson 11: Ukya-Ukya! Beast-Fist Armament, and Lesson 12: Zowan-Zowan! Confrontation Beast-Fist, Training Starts. [1]


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