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Lepus is a Pixie-Motif Phantom Beast Warrior that holds the spirit of the Rabbit. She is the only female in the Phantom Beasts.

Camille approached her, Sonimax, and Osiris hoping that they can give her some of their Rinzin power, but they denied her offer thinking that she is joking.

When Scorch and Snapper decide Camille is the last link to Jarrod's humanity that must be destroyed to prevent him from interfering with Dai Shi, they dispatch her, Sonimax, and Osiris to eliminate Camille. They overwhelmed her until Jarrod/Dai Shi arrived. Lepus briefly fought Jarrod/Dai Shi before fleeing after her cohorts were easily killed by him. She ambushed Casey to prove her loyalty in hopes of earning mercy. Casey fought against Lepus and uses the Strike Rider to attack her. Scorch and Snapper joined the battle as did the other Rangers and the Spirit Rangers. Lepus battled the Rangers while Scorch and Snapper fought the Spirit Rangers. Lepus took a hit from the Claw Cannon, Wolf Beam, and Rhino Blade. Lepus grew and was destroyed by Animal Stampede's Final Strike. She and the other Phantom Beasts were revive for the final battle against the rangers and their masters in Now the Final Fury. She was destroyed by Master Guinn.

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