This article is about a/an evil mecha in Choudenshi Bioman.

Lens Megas (レンズメガス Renzumegasu, 47) is a Neo Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, piloted by Mason


A Neo Mecha-Gigan with multiple search lenses used to spy on those from afar for Gear, also capable of firing a laser beam. It can also fire electric bolts from a giant lense.


Lens Megas is sent out by Doctor Man after an earthquake filled with a swarm of Anti-Bio Particles around a cave where Professor Shibata was working suggested the discovery of Bio Hunter Silva's missing mecha Balzion was near. Using the mecha, he spies on Bioman and Shibata, realizing him as his rival Shinichiro Gou in the process. Mason ultimately fights in the machine against Bioman, who defeat it with the Bio Particle Cut.


  • Lens Megas is the final mecha/Neo Mecha Gigan that Mason pilots
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