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Character History

Lemurian Mythical Beast (レムリアの幻獣, Remuria no Genjū, 29): A dragonish giant creature created by DNA manipulation by the Lemurian Civilization as a biological war machine. King Ryuuwon intended to awaken it and control it using "The Golden Sword", but the Jaryuu Soldiers released the Mythical Beast too soon. Satoru obtains the Sword and destroyed the Beast with a single blow after Ultimate DaiBouken and SirenBuilder resisted its powerful attacks.

Modified Mythical Beast Gordorum (改造幻獣ゴードラム, Kaizō Genjū Gōdoramu, 30): Gajah forcefully added a Gordom Engine to the Egg of Lemuria, giving birth to Gordorum. Thanks to this, the beast, though keeping its original power and combat abilities, is now human-sized and can be controlled at will. It made a first attack on the Boukengers, as Gajah wanted to obtain and destroy Great Sword Man Zubaan, being the only weakness of Gordorum. The Boukengers recover the stolen Zubaan and with a combination attack, destroyed the Gordom Engine in Gordorum 's chest and reverted to its original size and beyond Gajah's control. Neither the Double Arm Crash of Super DaiBouken nor the Triple Liquid Bomber of Siren Builder could even damage it, until Zubaan grew and along with Ultimate DaiBouken defeated it.


It is extremely powerful and violent, attacks both allies and foes as its only instinct is destruction.

Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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