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A depiction of Lemuria as seen in the opening of Goggle V.

Lemuria (レムリア Remuria) is an ancient civilization. Two Sentai Yellow Rangers represent Lemuria, Futoshi Kijima (GoggleYellow) and Natsuki Mamiya (Bouken Yellow), the latter of which is actually a survivor from its collapse centuries ago and is known by birth as Lemurian Princess Lilina.

Lemuria Precious

In GoGo Sentai Boukenger, SGS' Boukengers are involved in the collection and maintenance of Precious which can cause havoc in modern times. Many of the most dangerous and important of these Precious are from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which fell one-hundred thousand years prior to the present yet whose legacy remains secured as one of the greatest and most advanced civilizations of its time.

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