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Leh Galus (レー・ガルス Rē Garusu) is a white-furred, blue-skinned brute field commander in the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess.

The strongest and most monstrous of the main trio of generals created by Great Doctor Lie Köpflen, Galus fought using his massive strength and durability, overpowering the Flashman with his power. Since he doesn't have a more humanoid form similar to fellow generals Leh Wanda and Leh Näfel, he usually speaks in various growls and grunts to others. As the most monstrous and simplest of the Mess generals, he likewise was used for various schemes that took advantage of this, including the attempt to raise the baby Beast Warrior The PowaburuEp. 11: Lou is the Beast Warrior's Mother and being used by Alien Hunter leader Sir Cowler to control the supernatural upgrade to Beast Warrior The Zukonda.Ep. 24: The Occult Summer Vacation

When Mess leader Lah Deus begins to berate the failure of the generals, Galus volunteers to become the first upgraded by Köpflen. He is taken to absorb a special energy flower which increases his power further and gives him fire abilities, including the ability to spit fireballs and to emit flames that can burn anything upon touch. Although powerful prior, the upgrade made him all the worse for the Flashman to deal with, with the fight likewise occurring as the strain of combat began to affect Jin with the initial signs of a power reduction associated with a planetary alignment of the Flash System. Ultimately, the team fires two Rolling Vulcans at Galus, who is able to withstand both attacks with merely his strength until his body finally gives out and is destroyed.

Yet even after his destruction, Lah Deus decides to use Kuragen to grow him for one last chance of combat. Using Flash King, the team continues to have problems with Galus' strength and fire abilities. Ultimately, they are forced to deflect several fireballs with the Cosmo Sword before striking it down with Super Cosmo Flash, destroying LeH Galus permanently.Ep. 28: Sublime! Fiery Galus

Turboranger clipshow

Leh Galus appears in the clips from Choushinsei Flashman seen in the first episode of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.


  • Leh Galus is the only Mess warrior who was grown by Kuragen who was not a mutated Beast Warrior in any way, compared to even others such as Kilt or even Lah Deus himself who were mutated into Beast Warrior forms when grown by Kuragen; or had a "Beast Warrior clone" which was used and grown like fellow generals Ley Wanda and Ley Nefel.


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