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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Super Silver Megaforce Ranger Morph 2

Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Super Silver Megaforce Ranger Morph 2

"Super Mega Mode!"   - Transformation into Super Mega Mode

"Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode!" - Transforming into Legendary Mode

The Legendary Silver Morpher is the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger's personal transformation device. He can transform to his Super Mega Mode and Legendary Mode by inserting a Legendary Ranger Key.

Under mysterious circumstances, the Legendary Silver Morpher was buried alongside the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Key deep in a mine on the planet Andresia. It was found by the miner Orion, who used it to become Super Megaforce Silver. Silver Lining


Morphing Sequence

To morph, he opens the cover of his morpher, puts in the standing ranger key, closes the cover, and presses the corresponding ranger button on his morpher to initiate his transformation. A scanner in the morpher scans the ranger key and two X's pass through him and forms the Suit, Coat, and Helmet. Along with his fellow Super Mega Rangers, the Silver Ranger will shout "Super Mega Mode" then when the helmet is formed, he will shout "Super Megaforce Silver". When morphing into a 6th Ranger, he shouts "Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode" followed by the name of the power set and color. When morphing into a team of the same color or type he will say "Legendary (color or type) Ranger Mode" .

Super Megaforce Gold

While morphed as Super Megaforce Silver, he can insert a gold anchor key (a fusion of the 15 sixth Ranger keys) into the bottom of the morpher. The command is "Super Mega Gold!". A giant version of the anchor key will appear, and become armor for Silver Ranger. The Super Silver Spear continues to be utilized in this form, transforming into a triangular edged spear.


  • When Orion morphs into Super Mega Mode, he does not usually touch the red button behind the cover of the morpher that activates the scanner as it activates on its own. However, he touches the button to scan a Ranger Key upon using Legendary Ranger Mode.

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