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"No, look around you. All the rangers who came before us are here too, and they entrusted us with their power, because they believe in us. So really, we're not just five. We're over a hundred, all fighting for the Earth!""
―Troy's speech after the others thought there was no hope defeating the Armada[src]

Legendary Ranger Mode, or simply Legendary Mode refers to the ability of the Super Mega Rangers to morph into Historic Rangers, via the Legendary Ranger Keys and the Legendary Morphers. They can also use this mode to access new Ranger forms never before seen on Earth.

Ranger Keys

Main article: Legendary Ranger Keys

Individual Modes by Episode/Special

Super Megaforce (episode)

Earth Fights Back

Blue Saber Saga

A Lion's Alliance

Samurai Surprise

Spirit of the Tiger

Silver Lining

Part 1

Part 2

Power of Six

The Perfect Storm

Love Is In the Air

United as One

The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer

In the Driver's Seat

All Hail Prince Vekar

Vrak Is Back

Part 1

  • Legendary Ranger Modes for Vrak is Back, Part 1:

There are no Legendary Ranger Modes in this episode.

Part 2

  • Legendary Ranger Modes for Vrak is Back, Part 2:

There are no Legendary Ranger Modes in this episode.


Emperor Mavro

The Wrath

(Additional Legendary Ranger Modes appear in the The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition)

Legendary Battle

(Additional Legendary Ranger Modes were seen in the Extended Finale)

The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition

(These modes are exclusive to the additional footage, and in addition to those in The Wrath and Legendary Battle)

In Comics

Team Modes

Although the Super Mega Rangers can mode into any past Power Ranger, and use different combinations they normally just mode into a past Ranger team with individual Rangers changing to their equivalents or closest analogues.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

(from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers without Orion

Samurai Surprise/Love is in the Air

Orion as MMPR Green Ranger

The Perfect Storm

Troy as Armored MMPR Red

The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition

Aquitar Rangers

(from Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer

Zeo Rangers

(from Power Rangers Zeo)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Zeo Rangers

The Perfect Storm

Turbo Rangers

(from Power Rangers Turbo )

Super Megaforce Rangers as Turbo Rangers

Love is in the Air

Space Rangers

(from Power Rangers In Space)
Samurai Surprise

Troy and Orion as Red and Silver Space Rangers

Legendary Battle

Jake as the Black Space Ranger

Galaxy Rangers

(from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Galaxy Rangers

Orion as Magna Defender

Samurai Surprise/Silver Lining
Legendary Battle

Lightspeed Rangers

(from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)

Noah as Lightspeed Blue

Legendary Battle

Time Force Rangers

(from Power Rangers Time Force)

Emma as Pink Time Force Ranger

Samurai Surprise

Wild Force Rangers

(from Power Rangers Wild Force)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Wild Force Rangers

A Lion's Alliance

Ninja Rangers

(from Power Rangers Ninja Storm)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Wind Rangers & Thunder Rangers

Super Megaforce (episode)
Legendary Battle

Dino Rangers

(from Power Rangers Dino Thunder)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Dino Rangers

United as One

S.P.D. Rangers

(from Power Rangers S.P.D.)

Super Megaforce Rangers as S.P.D. Rangers

Super Megaforce (episode)/Earth Fights Back

Mystic Rangers

(from Power Rangers Mystic Force)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Mystic Rangers

5-Man Team: Super Megaforce (episode)/The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition
Extra Hero: All Hail Prince Vekar

Overdrive Rangers

(from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)

Troy as Red Overdrive Ranger

Samurai Surprise

Jungle Fury Rangers

(from Power Rangers Jungle Fury)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Jungle Fury Rangers

Spirit of the Tiger

Ranger Operators

(from Power Rangers RPM)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Ranger Operators

Power of Six/In the Driver's Seat

Samurai Rangers

(from Power Rangers Samurai) & (Super Samurai)

Super Megaforce Rangers as Samurai Rangers

5-man team Super Megaforce (episode)/Samurai Surprise
6-man team Silver Lining

Megaforce Rangers

(from Power Rangers Megaforce)

Orion as Robo Knight

The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition

New Modes

Legendary Squadron Mode

(originally from Gosei Sentai Dairanger)
The Perfect Storm

Super Megaforce's "New Powers" with the White Ranger

Legendary Lightning Mode

(originally from Hikari Sentai Maskman)

Gia as Yellow Lightning

Note: When Gia changed into the Yellow Ranger in Samurai Surprise, she called out "Legendary Ranger Blitz!", a name that would later be used for another set of New Powers.

Noah as Blue Lightning

Legendary Prism Mode

Emma as Prism Pink

(originally from Choushinsei Flashman)

Legendary Blitz Mode

(originally from Dengeki Sentai Changeman)

Blitz Mode Without Jake and Orion

Jake as Blitz Black

Note: In the initial change into this mode, the Red, Blue, White, and Pink Rangers were described as having the powers of the Legendary Dragon, despite that of the four, only Red had a Dragon motif, the others being a Pegasus (Blue), a Mermaid (White), and a Phoenix (Pink). It was later referred to as Blitz when Jake used the Black Key.

Legendary Supersonic Mode

(originally from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman)

Gia as Supersonic Yellow

Legendary Ranger Modes by Set

On several occasions, rather than changing into a past team, the Super Mega Rangers mode into Rangers all belonging to a particular motif, normally colors. There are also a few team-specific Legendary Ranger Modes that don't fit into the default configurations.

Reverse Gender Modes

If a Super Mega Ranger switches genders with the original ranger, the outfit will take the traits of his or her gender's uniform as styled for the team, like how SPD has slacks for both genders, but Mystic Force has tights (only) for men and skirts and tights for women.

Skirted versions of some of the Yellow Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce. This is due to the respective rangers sentai counterparts being male while Super Megaforce Yellow is female.

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