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MegaforceKeys on display

Ranger Keys on display.(RangerCrew)

The Legendary Ranger Keys, also referred to as Ranger Keys or simply Keys, are what the Mega Rangers use to morph into their Legendary Mode. Legendary Mode allows the rangers to morph into any of the rangers that have preceded them and even rangers with powers that have never before been seen on Earth. These Keys are activated through the Mega Rangers' new Legendary Morpher. Most of the Legendary Ranger Keys line the Command Center's interior walls. Often, Troy recalls his Mega War dream whenever he sees the keys up close.

Super Megaforce Keys


The Super Mode Keys folded and unfolded

In Super Megaforce, the Mega Rangers utilize these keys to morph into their Super Mega Mode, which will allow them to morph into past rangers.

Core Ranger Keys

These keys are used by the Mega Rangers to morph into the core Rangers that came before them. There are larger versions of these keys in the Command Center without hinges. The Rangers themselves use smaller copies which they summon through their belts. Whenever the Rangers use their copies, the larger keys in the Command Center glow with power.

Zyuranger Ranger Keys

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Keys.

Kakuranger Ranger Keys

The Alien Rangers' Keys.

Ohranger Ranger Keys

The Zeo Rangers' Keys.

Carranger Ranger Keys

The Turbo Rangers' Keys.

Megaranger Ranger Keys

The Space Rangers' Keys.

Gingaman Ranger Keys

The Galaxy Rangers' Keys.

GoGo-V Ranger Keys

The Lightspeed Rangers' Keys.

Timeranger Ranger Keys

The Time Force Rangers' Keys.

Gaoranger Ranger Keys

The Wild Force Rangers' Keys.

Hurricaneger Ranger Keys

The Wind & Thunder Rangers' Keys.

Abaranger Ranger Keys

The Dino Rangers' Keys.

Dekaranger Ranger Keys

The B-Squad Rangers' Keys.

Magiranger Ranger Keys

The Mystic Rangers' Keys.

Boukenger Ranger Keys

The Overdrive Rangers' Keys.

Gekiranger Ranger Keys

The Jungle Fury Rangers' Keys.

Go-onger Ranger Keys

The Ranger Operators' Keys.

Shinkenger Ranger Keys

The Samurai Rangers' Keys.

Goseiger Ranger Keys

The Mega Rangers' Keys.

New Mode Keys

Main article: New Powers
Dairanger Ranger Keys

The Squadron Ranger' Keys.

  • Legendary Squadron Ranger Keys: These keys represent a ranger team whose powers have never existed on Earth. Earth Fights Back Troy would later morph into the Red Ranger from this team.Samurai Surprise The powers seem to center on various martial arts and the use of something similar to 'chi' power. There is a similarity in these Rangers with the White Ranger, such as an emblem on the chest, the same belts, and arm and leg wrappings.
    • Red Squadron Ranger Key
    • Blue Squadron Ranger Key
    • Green Squadron Ranger Key
    • Yellow Squadron Ranger Key
    • Pink Squadron Ranger Key

SM Blitz Ranger Keys

SM NewPowers(3)

The Prism Ranger' Keys.

  • Legendary Prism Ranger Keys: These keys represent part of a ranger team whose powers have never existed on Earth. The Pink Ranger key represents a ranger that Emma had unlocked prior to the battle. The powers allow Emma to peruse hard light/prism power into her feet.Samurai Surprise The Green Ranger key represents a ranger that Jake unlocked during his battle fighting solo. The powers allow Jake to peruse hard light/prism power into his hands.Power of Six
    • Pink Prism Ranger Key
    • Green Prism Ranger Key

Changeman Ranger Keys
  • Legendary Blitz Ranger Keys: These keys represent a ranger team whose powers have never existed on Earth. They are based on mythological animals and each Ranger can use the strength of each of their powerful beasts into a Dash Attack.The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer
    • Red Blitz Ranger Key
    • Blue Blitz Ranger Key
    • White Blitz Ranger Key
    • Pink Blitz Ranger Key
    • Black Blitz Ranger Key
FiveYellow Ranger Key

DynaRed Ranger Key

Sixth Ranger Keys

Legendary 6th Ranger Keys

Legendary 6th Ranger Keys

These keys are utilized by Orion to morph into fifteen of the sixth rangers that have preceded him.

Extra Ranger Keys[1]

Legendary Extra Ranger Keys

Legendary Extra Ranger Keys

These keys are used by the 6 Mega Rangers to morph into the some of the official Extra Rangers and Ranger-like Allies that have preceded them.


Combined Ranger Keys


RPM Gold/Silver Ranger Key

Orion has the ability to combine multiple keys into one. He's been shown to combine two keys into one as well as fifteen keys into a super mode key, the Anchor Key.

  • RPM Gold/Silver Key: Combined form of the Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver Keys when Orion couldn't decide which Key to use.
Anchor Key

Gold Key

  • Gold Key: After Orion somehow fused the keys of Ranger Silver and Ranger Gold, Jake would later suggest that he do the same with all 15 Sixth Ranger keys. After Orion pleaded for it, all 15 Sixth Rangers banded together to form the Super Megaforce Gold Key, a key shaped like an Anchor with the official 15 Sixth Rangers' faces on it. Orion normally uses his Ranger Keys by placing them inside his Legendary Silver Morpher and then scanning them, but the Gold Key is instead inserted in a slot in the bottom of the Legendary Silver Morpher. He can morph into Super Megaforce Gold by shouting the call of "Super Mega Gold!"

When activated, it forms an armor similar to the key around his chest and the spikes of the "anchor" serve as thigh armor. His helmet is pushed down and the Super Silver Spear changes to Anchor Mode. In this form, he gains an increase in both speed and strength and is able to use a third variant of his Super Mega Final Strike, called Legendary Final Strike. By inserting the Super Megaforce Silver Key into and swinging the Super Mega Spear, Orion summons the heads of the official 15 Sixth Rangers with a flash of their personal symbols. First the Silver Space Ranger, the Lunar Wolf Ranger, the Solaris Knight, the Mercury Ranger, Ranger Gold, Ranger Silver and Robo Knight appear to use their weapons in gun mode (Solaris Knight's sole weapon in any case) to fire at the enemy to form the next line of Rangers. The blast forms into Mighty Morphin Green, the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, the Gold Zeo Ranger, the Quantum Ranger, the Green Samurai Ranger, the White Dino Ranger, the Omega Ranger and the Gold Samurai Ranger, and they slash at (or in the Omega Ranger's case punch) the enemy to finish it off, and Orion himself performs the final attack by slashing the enemy with the Super Silver Spear.


  • No original keys were made for display in Power Rangers Super Megaforce [2], however, toy-exclusive keys are being made. It is also implied that every Ranger power has a key, including the Megaforce powers.
  • Despite him having a key for him, Orion doesn't actually morph into the Solaris Knight.
  • The only series with less than five core ranger Keys is Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
  • In Super Megaforce, metallic versions of the Gokaiger keys are seen in original footage shot for the show when the Rangers are morphing. However, when the Rangers are seen in Super Mega Mode, the keys are non-metallic, as they were in the source footage.
  • The Mega Rangers keys were first shown lining the walls of the command center and being in use in the third episode Blue Saber Saga. There were no indications these were 'separate' from the Super Mega powers before this. In the same episode the Blue Megaforce Key was also used in battle.
  • Some of the Sixth Rangers' keys were first seen lining the walls of the Command Center while powering up in Silver Lining pt 2. They appeared beside their respective teams. It is notable that the episode began with these keys not being set beside each team. The shots used during the power up moment also involved hinged keys for the whole team as opposed to the non-hinged maquettes usually used.
  • Orion’s combined keys aren't the first combination of heroes. A similar occurrence appeared in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, where Mack Hartford and Sentinel Knight's combined to form the Red Sentinel Ranger Battlizer.
  • During the airing of Megaforce, various references to the keys simply referred to them as "Keys". As of New York Comic Con 2013, the boxes for the Legendary Megazord and Legacy Morpher refer to them as "Legendary Ranger Keys".

ShishiRanger's key alongside other Ranger Keys, before being replaced by the Lunar Wolf Ranger Key,

  • A ShishiRanger key was seen in the Power Rangers prototype display despite not yet having a Power Rangers counterpart. The key was later replaced with a Lunar Wolf Ranger key. It's also of note that the Comic Con trailer shows the Rangers turning into the Dairangers. In show, they become the first new modes the Rangers unlock that have never before been seen on Earth. [3]

The prop keys in the base are larger and have no hinges.

  • Originally, maquettes lined the Command Center in the show instead of keys, and were larger and lacked hinges. This may have been necessary in order to make the keys focus in the camera,
    • The first teaser trailer shown in San Diego Comic Con 2013, highlighting the ability to morph with the keys, refers to both the Command Center props and the hand-held props as keys. [4] However, in the first episode of Super Megaforce, hinges could be seen on some of the keys in the Command Center.
  • Keys for the toyline are about half the size of the hand-held prop keys and have a modified sculpt. These keys have hinges, but were modified from the originals for spring-loaded functionality.
  • In Vrak Is Back, when Vrak made his return on the surface, the ranger keys in the command center turned to cracked stone and the Rangers were unable to use Super Mega Mode.

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