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Legendary Ranger Database
"Tensou downloaded everything about the Legendary Rangers. SPD, Jungle Fury, Wild Force, Samurai. There's so much to learn!"
Noah Carver[src]

The Legendary Ranger Database is a database compiling the history of the Ranger Powers and their bearers that have been used on Earth or elsewhere, as manifested by the Morphing Grid. These have been compiled by Tensou and Gosei, with the help of other teams of Rangers known as the Historic Rangers and given to the Mega Rangers to access. These include powers used historically by Earth-based teams as well as powers that were accessed at one point or another in history but originated in other worlds, dimensions or even in the future. It allows the Mega Rangers to expand their knowledge of Ranger powers for use whenever they access their Legendary Ranger Modes. The compendium is built in the form of action footage, and Noah Carver keeps any access to it on his personal tablet. Earth Fights Back

So far these appear to not include the New Powers that the Rangers unlock in the heat of battle. It is unknown if they are added to the database once the new Ranger forms' powerset is unlocked.

Legendary Zords

"Gosei said that with each new power come new Zords. I wonder if we get to use them all."
Noah Carver[src]

The Legendary Ranger Database also holds a collection of Zords called Legendary Zords that are attached to the powers of the Legendary Ranger Keys. For select teams, mastery of a certain powerset will prompt the manifestation of a Zord belonging to said team that the Super Mega Rangers may utilize alongside the Legendary Megazord. Earth Fights Back


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