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"Super Mega Mode!"   - Transformation into Super Mega Mode

"Legendary Ranger Mode!" - Transforming into Legendary Mode

"Let's power up!"
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The Legendary Morphers are the Mega Rangers' secondary transformation devices. The Rangers can transform to their Super Mega Mode and Legendary Mode by inserting a Legendary Ranger Key, regardless if they are in their regular Megaforce Mode or not. Like the Wild Force Growl Phones, the Mystic Morphers, the Overdrive Trackers, the Cell Shift Morphers and the Samuraizers, the Legendary Morpher is cell-phone based.

When the team is confronted by enlarged enemies, Super Megaforce Red dials 5501 on the keypad to summon the Sky Ship for the Super Mega Rangers to board before forming the Legendary Megazord.

Morphing Sequence

When placing the Super Megaforce Keys into the Legendary Morphers, they begin the morphing sequence starting with the Morpher opening up. Two X's pass through the Mega Rangers and change the Megaforce suits and forms the Suit and Coat. The X's swing back around to the front to form the helmet. In order for them to morph into Super Mega Mode, they will say the morphing call of "Super Mega Mode" then when the helmet is formed, they will shout "Super Megaforce (color)". Because the Legendary Morphers are a separate set of Morphers, they don't have to be in their Megaforce Suits to Morph into Super Megaforce. When morphing into a past Ranger team they will say "Legendary Ranger Mode" followed by the name of the power set and morphing call. When morphing into a team of the same color or type they will say "Legendary (color or type) Ranger Mode" . 


Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Super Mega Mode Morph 1 (HD)

Legendary Mode

When placing the other Keys into the Legendary Morphers, the Rangers can morph into any of their predecessors. Unlike the Super Megaforce Keys, they are not bound by color and can use any Ranger available to them. However, Legendary Mode is difficult to maintain for long periods of time and when they can't support their Legendary Form any more, they'll be forced back into their Super Megaforce form. While in Legendary Mode the Rangers can use the arsenal of the past Rangers that they morph into.

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