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Legendary Armor

GSB-Elite Armor

Quester Robo Elite wearing the Legendary Armor

  • Hazard Level: 330

The Legendary Armor (伝説の鎧 Densetsu no Yoroi) is a legendary set of armor, both helmet and breastplate, which has an invincibility to all attacks, including modern weapons such as laser fire. The Questers desired the armor to use on their latest mecha, Quester Robo Elite, but Masumi reaches it first using his treasure-hunting skills with his Accelular in the shop. However the Questers take the treasure and equip it onto Elite, making it unstoppable to the Boukengers' mecha. Yet Masumi figures a way of defeating the mech through a prolonged battle, with him and Eiji switching the arms of DaiBouken and SirenBuilder over and over with the various accessory mecha until Elite starts to break down again. With the robot disabled, Akashi grabs the armor with GoGo Crane, and then the main mecha defeat Elite, with Eiji equipping GoGo Dozer and Marine on SirenBuilder to use the GoGo Sword and Masumi the signal beams on GoGo Aider and Police attached to DaiBouken. Task 28: The Legendary Armor

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