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The Legend Sentai Hero Series (レジェンド戦隊シリーズ ジョイント合体 Rejendo Sentai Shirīzu) is a toyline introduced alongside the airing of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in 2011. It is comprised of products based on characters, robots, and items that have appeared across the Super Sentai series.[1]

Ranger Key Sets

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Roleplay Items


Legend Mobirates (レジェンドモバイレーツ Rejendo Mobairētsu) was a re-release of the Mobirates with 68 newly recorded sounds. It was packaged with an AkaRed Key.

KSG legendset1

Legend Sentai Roleplay Set (レジェンド戦隊なりきりセット Rejendo Sentai Narikiri Setto)

  • A set of small weapons, includes a Mobirates, D-Magnum 01 & 02, Magiphone, Shinkenmaru, and a MagiRed Ranger Key.

KSG legendset2

Legend Sentai Roleplay Set 02 (レジェンド戦隊なりきりセット02 Rejendo Sentai Narikiri Setto 02)

  • A set of small weapons, includes a Gokai Cellular, Gold Anchor Key, Zyusouken, Break Throttle, Wing Trigger, and Rocket Booster.

Action Figures


The type of joints that were used

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The Legend Sentai Hero Series: Joint Combination (レジェンド戦隊シリーズ ジョイント合体 Rejendo Sentai Shirīzu Jointo Gattai) was a line of combining mecha that had a common joint type that allowed parts to be interchanged between each robot.

Vinyl Figures

Legend Sentai Hero Series

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The Legend Sentai Hero Series (レジェンド戦隊ヒーローシリーズ Rejendo Sentai Hīrō Shirīzu) is a collection of re-released and newly molded vinyl figures to commemorate Super Sentai's 35th anniversary.

Super Sentai Best


Super Sentai BEST 01 (スーパー戦隊BEST01 Sūpā Sentai Besuto 01) was a set of six 12 centimeter tall vinyl figures. The set included GokaiRed, AkaRed, ShinkenRed, Go-on Red, GoseiRed, and Geki Red. Although it's designated as "01", no additional sets were released.


  • Legend Sentai Series: Ranger Keys 01
    • Red Buster
    • Blue Buster
    • Yellow Buster
    • GokaiRed (Great Power Version)
    • GokaiBlue (Great Power Version)
    • GokaiYellow (Great Power Version)
    • GokaiGreen (Great Power Version)
    • GokaiPink (Great Power Version)
    • GokaiSilver (Great Power Version)
    • Mele
    • Rio
    • Wolzard Fire
    • Zubaan
    • DekaSwan
    • BullBlack
    • Signalman






Ride and Go Series

Legendseries rideandgo

Ranger Key Series Ride and Go (ライドあんどゴー Raido ando go) were mini vehicle toys that were packaged with a Ranger Key. The Ranger Key could be inserted into the car and drive itself using a pullback spring.

  • 01 Buster Vehicle CB-01 Cheetah & Red Buster Key
  • 02 Buster Vehicle GT-02 Gorilla & Blue Buster Key
  • 03 Gokai Galleon & GokaiRed Key
  • 04 Buster Vehicle BC-04 Beetle & Beet Buster Key
  • 05 GoZyuDrill & GokaiSilver Key
  • 06 Buster Vehicle SJ-05 Stag Beetle & Stag Buster Key

Super Sentai Robo

Legend SSRobo

Ranger Key Series Super Sentai Robo (スーパー戦隊ロボ Sūpā Sentai Robo) was a playset of a giant robot cockpit where up to five Ranger Keys could be inserted. The Ranger Keys would activate sound clips of the team name, enemy corps, mecha and the finishing move. It included a metallic Akarenger key.

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