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The Legacy Collection line is an expansion of the Legacy Edition toyline with a consistent 6.5" scale. The line is irrespective of whatever the current season is and is a true Power Rangers metaseries cross-series toyline. It is comparable in concept to 'DC Universe Classics', 'Marvel Legends', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics' in both scale and execution, with a marked improvement in sculpt, articulation and paint. Each team, when the core Rangers of which are completed, form a Build-a-Megazord, same as Classics and Legends lines from other properties.

In February 2018, it was announced that Saban Brands had ended its 25-year partnership with Bandai of America and would grant the Power Rangers global toy license to Hasbro beginning in 2019, with Hasbro announcing their replacement line, the Lightning Collection, at Power Morphicon 6 later that year. As such, Bandai of America ceased production of the Legacy Collection in 2019.


Wave 1 (2016)[]

Wave 2 (2016)[]

Wave 3 (2017)[]

Wave 4 (2017)[]

Wave 5 (2018)[]

Wave 6 (2018)[]

Cancelled figures[]

Non-wave Releases[]

Movie Legacy Figures (2017)[]

(Toys-R-Us exclusive figures based on the 2017 movie)

  • Red Ranger (2017 movie version) with Power Sword and Megazord right arm
  • Pink Ranger (2017 movie version) with Megazord wings
  • Blue Ranger (2017 movie version) with Megazord right leg
  • Yellow Ranger (2017 movie version) with Megazord left arm
  • Black Ranger (2017 movie version) with Megazord left leg
  • Alpha 5 (2017 movie version) with Megazord head and torso

Morphin Metallics (2017)[]

(re-releases of the Mighty Morphin Ranger figures with correct belt/morpher coloring, new semi-translucent plastic with "metallic" finish, and weapons)


  • Mighty Morphin Red Ranger with semi-translucent plastic with "metallic" finish, comes with (Dino) Megazord sword and Power Sword
  • Red Ranger (2017 movie version) with semi-translucent plastic and "metallic" finish, comes with Power Sword and Power Coin
  • (Dino) Megazord Black and Gold pre-built edition
  • Megazord (2017 movie version) Black and Silver pre-built edition
  • Fighting Spirit Set (rereleases of Mighty Morphin Green & White Rangers and Red Zeo Ranger, all with semi-translucent plastic and "metallic" finish)
  • Lord Drakkon with Saba and Dragon Dagger; exclusive to Power Morphicon 2018
  • Psycho Green with Psycho Dagger; exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2018
  • Psycho Silver; exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and Entertainment Earth website
  • Mighty Morphin Armored Red Ranger with Dragon Shield, Dragon Dagger and Power Sword; exclusive to GameStop


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers[]

Standard Releases[]

Morphin Metallics[]

Convention Exclusives[]

Power Rangers Zeo[]

Power Rangers In Space[]



Power Rangers Ninja Storm[]

Power Rangers Dino Thunder[]