This article is about a/an monster in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Leech Drill (ヒルドリル Hirudoriru, 43): Bent on defeating the Jetmen before Tranza can with Veronica, Radiguet integrated a drill with Bio Dimensional Bug infused with Leech DNA. Using a bouquet of roses to sneak into Chokan's body, this monster takes control of her body in order to snare the Jetmen into a trap while sabotaging their arsenal. Once the Jetmen realized something's up, they are forced to restrain Chokan as manage to duplicate the monster's cell reduction energy to use Jet Icarus to force this monster out within the 3 minute time limit. After managing to make it out in time via the tear duct, this monster managed to completely render Jet Icarus powerless. However, Chokan pilots Jet Garuda to get pay back as she destroys the monster.

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