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"Brave Green Dino/Brave Kyoryu Green!"
―Brave Green Dino/Brave Kyoryu Green's role call[src]

Lee Pureun (이푸른 Ee PuReun?) is Brave Green Dino/Kyoryu Green, the Green Ranger of the Brave Dino Force Rangers. He is a millionaire noble who gains the ability to become Brave Green Dino/Kyoryu Green (ブレイブキョウリュウグリーン Bureibu Kyōryū Gurīn). Although a spoiled man, he portrays tremendous skill in gunfight.


With Dohee Yun, Pureun witnessed the sight of Brave TyrannoKing following its battle with the Hyaku Bojinma; its appearance greatly excited him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-King 1: The Birth of a New King!

Bumping into Luckyuro, Pureun was led into the Brave Dino Force Rangers' fight. Proving his Brave by choosing protect Luckyuro and Candelilla from Arash, Pureun along with Dohee were given the GabuGaburivolver and Dino Cells by Juyong Kwon, respectively transforming into Brave Dino Green and Brave Dino Pink. Partnered with Parasaizer, Brave Dino Green joined in the Brave TyrannoKing Western to defeat the Sei Bojinma. Tvicon.png TV STORY-King 2: Come on, New Warriors!

As Juyong and Juhyeok returned to Earth on Pteravolt with the behemoth Deizarus in pursuit, Pureun joined with the others in Brave TyrannoKing to back them up in a final battle, providing the full force of his Brave with the team to destroy Deizarus. With the Neo Deboth Army vanquished, Pureun returned his jacket and thanked everyone for the experience before the team went their seperate ways, leaving with a lollipop from Luckyuro. Tvicon.png TV STORY-King 12: Eternal! Power Rangers Dino Force Brave


Brave Green Dino/Brave Kyoryu Green

Brave Green Dino/Brave Kyoryu Green

"GabuGaburincho: Parasaizer!"
―Transformation announcement via GabuGaburivolver[src]



Transformation and Roll Call

Behind the scenes


Lee Pureun is played by Lee Injun. In the Japanese dub, he is portrayed by Daiki Kobayashi.


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