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"Grrrrr... Yes. After all these years, I'm free."
―Leanbow's first lines as Koragg.[src]

"Well done, son."
―Leanbow to Nick.[src]

Leanbow is a former member of the Mystic Wizards who was lost into the forces of darkness following the Great Battle and unwillingly emerged as the first Koragg, an enemy of the Rangers. After he is rescued, he joins the Mystic Rangers as the Wolf Warrior.

During his participation in Shattered Grid while still Koragg, Leanbow was recruited by Lord Drakkon as a part of the New Power Coalition with the objective to conquer all the Power Rangers' worlds.


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Sometime in the past, Leanbow married Udonna and had a child with her, Bowen.

Twenty years prior to the series, Leanbow led the other Mystic Wizards in the Great Battle against Octomus, the Supreme Master of the Underworld, and his Morlocks - the undead hordes under Morticon - in order to prevent them from entering the human realm.

The forces of good magic eventually forced the Morlocks through the Gate of the Underworld, with Leanbow personally taking on Morticon at one point. In order to keep the forces of darkness from escaping the Underworld, he held back the Morlock hordes from the Gate while Niella, the Gatekeeper, sealed both it and Leanbow into the Underworld. In this single act, Leanbow would be lost to the forces of darkness and Niella would use up the rest of her powers as the Gatekeeper, giving up her life force in the process.

For twenty years, Udonna and the others thought that they had lost Leanbow forever, killed in the battle that ensued behind the gate.

Nightmares and Dreams

Leanbow chained by Koragg the knight wolf

Leanbow chained by Koragg, The Knight Wolf in front of Udonna

Leanbow is seen in a nightmare of Udonna, being tormented in a hellish dimension and chained by the shadow of a sinister knight, his wife enter in astral plane by help of the Mystic Mother where he is, his wife Udonna then sees her husband, chained up like in her dreams and tries to comfort him, but Leanbow keeps screaming in pain and can't hear his wife, Udonna becomes the White Mystic Ranger and engages in battle with Koragg, The Knight Wolf to try and free Leanbow. However, Koragg proves to be too strong for her as he effortlessly hits her with her shield and sword, Koragg makes it clear that "Leanbow is dead" and cannot be freed from his chains, Udonna reluctantly accepts the offer and returns to Briarwood. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special

Return as Koragg, The Knight Wolf

"I am Koragg, the Knight Wolf."
―Koragg introduces himself to the Rangers[src]

In reality, Leanbow had survived to reach and seal Octomus - and before he fell, the Master was able to transform his enemy into the loyal minion Koragg. Though devoid of the memories of his old self, Koragg retained a few aspects of his previous life such as honor when refusing to attack a foe he considers to be weaker, citing such an action as a waste of his time and dishonorable, and as a result of his honor was completely loyal to Octomus.

Koragg armor

Koragg was able to tame the wild horse Catastros, who went on to become Koragg's personal Zord. The pair can combine to become a giant centaur, or the stronger Centaurus Wolf Megazord. Being a powerful, well-versed sorcerer, he can and often does enlarge himself or defeated monsters to gigantic proportions with his dark magic. He also has admirable fighting skills in addition to his magic, and uses his Knight Saber effectively in battle. Similarly, the Wolf Shield he carries also contains the hidden "Eye of the Master", making it a useful offensive weapon. When in battle with the Power Rangers, Koragg can reveal the eye to unleash the "Wolf Attack", powerful energy blasts in the shape of wolf heads.

Koragg was apparently the first released after 20 years of imprisonment when the seal of the Underworld was cracked. Upon engaging the White Mystic Ranger in battle, who seemed familiar to him, he bested her and stole her Snow Staff but spared her life.

Koragg often openly duels with Morticon in a power struggle, shows contempt toward Necrolai, and bows to no one except the Master.

Previously, Koragg often calmly left a fight of his own accord or whenever outside circumstances intervened. The only time the Rangers defeated him was when they summoned the Spirits of the Ancient Titans and combined their power into an incredible attack which knocked Koragg to the ground and caused him to back down. Add this to his swift defeat of the White Ranger, his clashes with Morticon, and his defeat of the Gatekeeper, and Koragg appears to be the strongest Power Ranger villain of his kind yet.

The Master has been shown directly giving him more power and he has stated to the Rangers that he becomes stronger every day, which accounts for his continually high power levels.

He was, however, outright beaten by his main rival amongst the Rangers, Nick, the Red Ranger to the point where he was almost permanently destroyed. Due to a strange, illogical power surge on the Red Ranger's part, Koragg was defeated and fell, blowing up upon full body impact with the ground. However, he was then resurrected fairly quickly and grudgingly/angrily admitted defeat. Also, in that same battle, Koragg's sword was broken into two pieces in battle with the Red Ranger. Luckily, after Morticon was destroyed in battle with the Mystic Rangers that same day, Koragg found the "Fang of the Master", (Morticon's sword) and claimed it for himself.

When Imperious challenged Koragg to give up his magical powers, and prove his battle skills, Koragg did so. His powers were given to Imperious, and he in turn turned them into the Dark Morpher. But after time, Koragg took his magic back by force. Imperious clashed numerous times with Koragg, and even tried to convince the Master that Koragg had committed treason against the forces of evil. This occurred after Imperious infected the Manticore Megazord with a virus only for Koragg to absorb it. However, after proving himself to be honorable, the Master let Koragg keep his magic; unbeknownst to him, the virus Koragg absorbed began to weaken the block that the Master put on Leanbow's memories.

When Imperious succeeded in transporting the Rangers to the Underworld, so he could use their Legend Warrior powers to revive Octomus, Udonna attempted to stop it only to be attacked by Octomus himself. After an onslaught of forgotten memories flooded his mind, Koragg came to her aid at the last second. With the evil influence that had bound him now broken, Koragg revealed himself to be none other than Leanbow, shocking everyone present. He transported everyone out of the Underworld but despite that, Nick refused to trust him and viewed his reappearance to be "one of Koragg's tricks".

Leanbow was quickly taken back to the Underworld and transformed into Koragg again, leading to a final confrontation between him and Nick. He was on the verge of killing the Ranger when Udonna intervened and revealed that Nick was, in fact, their son Bowen, and the knowledge of this freed Leanbow from Koragg once more. The reunion was short-lived as Octomus began to tear his way out of the Underworld and Leanbow, using a spell to prevent Udonna and the Rangers from intervening, traveled back to the Underworld to fight and seal Octomus once again. With his Mystic Force Fire Strike, he sacrificed himself to bring down Octomus, and nearly all of the Underworld, and then he returned the Legend Warrior powers to the Rangers.

While he appeared to be dead, Udonna firmly believed he survived and went on a quest to find him. Leanbow later appeared in the Lake of Lament in the Underworld. When Sculpin went to the lake, asking it to show him the Master, a projection of Koragg appeared, but now with Leanbow's voice. Leanbow told the Terror that though he wore the armor of Koragg, he only fought for good. He also stated that the Master would never rise up, that he wouldn't allow it. The projection then went to strike Sculpin, but soon disappeared.

Once Sculpin realized that Leanbow would not give up on keeping the Master held back, it was decided that the Rules of Darkness had to be broken. Sculpin sent Black Lance to help Megahorn attack the Rangers in Megazord Battle. This battle was shown to Leanbow in the Lake of Lament. Knowing that his own son Bowen, Nick, and the Rangers were outmatched, Leanbow returned to the surface world with Catastros. He formed the Centaurus Wolf Megazord and did battle with Black Lance. Leanbow managed to defeat Black Lance's steeds and chariot, then transported himself and the Terror back to the Underworld.

After Necrolai found where Leanbow was hiding, Sculpin, Matoombo and Gekkor went to attack him and retrieve the Master. Leanbow fought hard and managed to hold off Gekkor. However, Matoombo proved much harder. Leanbow was weakened enough, that Sculpin was able to strike him, and free the Master. Leanbow was returned to his Ancient Mystic Mode. Before leaving, Sculpin struck the ground, causing it to open up and Leanbow to fall in.

Becoming the Wolf Warrior

"the world is safe thanks to these Rangers"
―Wolf Warrior help the Mystic Rangers in the battle against Gekkor[src]
Wolzard Fire Rollcall Step 1

The Wolf Warrior

With Udonna's constant devotion to finding her husband, Leanbow was revived from his attack. Udonna's Spiritual Form went to the Underworld to find Leanbow. Once she did find him, she used her Snow Staff to revive him.

With Leanbow back, he joins the Mystic Force Rangers in their battle with Gekkor of the Ten Terrors. Utilizing a new red Morpher, Leanbow transforms into the Wolf Warrior, a new form in which he bears armor almost exactly the same as Koragg's with the major difference being its crimson color. After displaying this new form, Leanbow quickly destroyed Gekkor with a Blazing Storm Slash.

Later, Leanbow was forced to face Koragg again - the Master, attempting a pre-emptive strike, turned Leanbow's son Nick into a new Koragg and used him to destroy villages in the Briarwood forest. The battle between Leanbow and the new Koragg devastated Root Core before he freed his son by demorphing and allowing himself to be killed without a fight, causing Nick's mind to break free of the Master's control. He then went with Daggeron to the Mystic Realm to face the Master, only to have his magic drained and be killed in battle. Revived by Necrolai, he joined in the final battle against the Master and helped overload him with good magic.

In the aftermath, Leanbow joined his wife and son in leaving Briarwood to visit Nick's adoptive parents.

Super Megaforce

Leanbow was not shown to have fought in the final battle between the Legendary Rangers and the Armada.

Super Ninja Steel


Leanbow indirectly mentioned in the book.

When Preston Tien read The Encyclopedia Of Magic & Spells given to him by Mick Kanic, the book contains a small bio on Chip Thorn and the Mystic Force Rangers. Leanbow is mentioned by the book as one of the magicians who defeated Octomus the Master. Tvicon TV STORY-Tough Love

Beast Morphers

"I'm thinking Koragg, The Knight Wolf, he's cold and ruthless."
―Leanbow as Koragg is mentioned and recommended by Scrozzle.[src]
Leanbow in Beast Morphers

Leanbow in Scrozzle's database.

Many years later, Leanbow doesn't appear personally but is seen in Scrozzle's database, Leanbow as Koragg was shown in archive footage among past villains: Astronema, Lord Zedd, Psycho Red and King Mondo, who could be resurrected by Evox. He was Scrozzle's choice, deems that Koragg, The Knight Wolf is the perfect candidate for the Reanimizer, he is seen in archive footage as Koragg, The Knight Wolf fighting against Mystic Rangers.

But Robo-Roxy is not so sure. She recalls that Koragg turned good, seeing further in the archive footage is Leanbow meeting Udonna and Nick/Bowen again, also freeing him from the control of Octomus the Master and becoming the Wolf Warrior destroying Gekkor one of the Ten Terrors and Scrozzle's frustrated. After seeing the footage, Evox warns everybody to think carefully of who they choose and demands that they solve it. Tvicon TV STORY-Making Bad

Shattered Grid

Conquering the Dome City of Corinth

Lord Drakkon and Evil Rangers

Koragg, The Knight Wolf as one of Drakkon's reinforcements.

When events set into motion by Lord Drakkon cause the timeline to split into pocket universe, each anchored on a power-set. He, the Morlocks and the Mystic Rangers, unbeknownst to them are placed in their own pocket universe. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

Koragg, The Knight Wolf, with other evil Rangers are recruited by Lord Drakkon in a determinate story's point when he was still Koragg, he is seen invading the world of RPM with Psycho Pink, Psycho Blue, A-Squad Red Ranger, A-Squad Green Ranger and A-Squad Yellow Ranger as reinforcements led by Lord Drakkon preparing to fight against the five Ranger Operators, Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and Red Samurai Ranger. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 27

During the invasion in the Corinth dome city, Koragg is seen along with various Mastodon Sentries, Sabertooth Sentries, and Green Zeo Sentries. Koragg had a briefly fight with Ranger Operator Series Red, later the dome city of Corinth was completely invaded by Lord Drakoon and his Ranger Sentry army. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 28

Battle on the Moon

Koragg vs Yellow mystic Force Ranger

Koragg against the yellow Mystic Ranger during the final battle in the moon.

On the moon of the World of the Coinless, when Drakkon drains the Morphers gathered in his tower, Koragg along with the other Evil Rangers lead a Ranger Sentries' army, prepared to battle against the Ranger survivors. Koragg fights against the Yellow Mystic Ranger atop of the ship. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

It's later unknown what became of his fate after Drakkon absorbs the powers of the Rangers' majority and modify the realities. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Issue 1

Leanbow's timeline is later restored by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after they defeated Drakkon.


Leanbow is known for his honor and valor, traits which made him be resented by Calindor.



Koragg Knight Wolf

Koragg: A mysterious figure who first appeared to work for the Morlocks as their most important general member, Leanbow had this form when Octumus transform Leanbow into Koragg.

As Koragg, he is known as the Koragg The Knight Wolf, a knight-like wizard who wielded the power of darkness an one of the most powerful servants of Octomus the Master.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Strength: Along with Morticon, Koragg posses super strength that surpasses the Mystic Rangers. In the two-part episode "Stranger Within" Koragg is shown to be powerful enough to best all five Mystic Titans (even the Mystic Minotaur) in battle and being able to hold off the Mystic Speeder for a short time during its first battle using his shield.
  • Super Armor: Koragg armor is highly strong and can take multiple hits without getting scratch such as taking point blank shots from the Mystic Speeder and barely reacting not to mention the multiple stabs and blasts Claire the Gatekeeper shot him with having little to no effect.
  • Teleportation: By saying the phrase "Uthe Sastos", Koragg can conjure a portal that allows him to teleport to any location at will,
    • Forced Teleportation: He can also used this ability to send other beings into the Underworld even if it is against their will as shown in the first part of the two-part episode "Heir Apparent", when he sends the Mystic Rangers into the Underworld after they were defeated by the super monster, Chimera.
  • Catastros Summoning: By saying the phrase "Uthe Mejor Catastros" Koragg can open up a portal to summon Catastros.
  • Size Changing: By saying the phrase "Uthe Mejor", Koragg can open up a dark portal that he can go through to become large.
  • Monster Size Changing: By saying the phrase "Uthra Mejor, Rise Up", Koragg can make any monster grow.
  • Portal Spell: By saying the phrase "Uthra Norqua Ozarro", Koragg can open up a purple portal to send a monster into the surface world.
    • Portal Enlarging Spell: Also, by saying the phrase "Uthra Norqua Ozarro", Koragg can open up a portal to send a monster into a surface like before, but this time the portal is green, and the monster that gets sent to the surface world will be enlarge as well. This was shown with the Rock Troll in the episode "Legendary Catastros."
  • Energy Barrier: Koragg can cast a yellow energy barrier to trap the enemy.
  • Indestructibility: In the second half of the two-part episode "The Gatekeeper", Koragg is shown to be indestructible like Necrolai since even exploding from the same attack that destroyed his weapon, if destroyed by his enemies, he can reassemble himself in a matter of seconds.
  • Power Granting: Koragg can give up his dark magic powers at will and fight with just his physicality strength by pulling a light purple colored ball that holds his powers from his chest, as shown in the episode "Ranger Down", though even without his magic, Koragg is still a force to be reckon with.
  • Magic Power Possession: By saying the phrase "Uthe Negrucious", Koragg can turn an object with his powers back into a purple colored ball.
  • Wolf Attack: Arguably Koragg's signature attack. By revealing a red eye located in the center of the shield, Koragg can fire off blasts in the shape of wolf heads made of dark energy.
  • Enhanced Wolf Attack: As seen when he fought Clare, Koragg can make his Wolf Attack stronger by flashing his shield's eye which made it powerful enough to rip through her shield.
  • Dark Magic Strike: By charging up the Wolf Saber with dark energy, Koragg can swing his sword at full force.
  • Energy Empowerment: Leanbow as Koragg can also charge up his sword with blue or purple energy and swing his sword at full force. During the battle over Clare, it was powerful enough to send Nick flying.
  • Energy Lasers: Leanbow as Koragg can also fire purple energy lasers from his shield.
  • Energy Blast: Leanbow as Koragg can also fire purple energy blasts from his shield as well.
  • Shield of Darkness: Another unique attack involved the shield being thrust into the ground, whereupon it discharges a shockwave of powerful energy towards the intended target, as shown in the episode "Soul Specter.
  • Spells
    • Uthe Mejor: Koragg can open up a dark portal that he can go through to become large.
    • Uthra Mejor, Rise Up: Koragg can make any monster grow.
    • Uthra Norqua Ozarro: Koragg can open up a purple portal to send a monster into the surface world.
      • Uthra Norqua Ozarro: Koragg can open up a portal to send a monster into a surface like before, but this time the portal is green, and the monster that gets sent to the surface world will be enlarge as well. This was shown with the Rock Troll in the episode "Legendary Catastros".
    • Uthe Negrucious: Koragg can turn an object with his powers back into a purple colored ball.
    • Uthe Sastos: Koragg can conjure a portal that allows him to teleport to any location at will,
      • Forced Teleportation: He can also used this ability to send other beings into the Underworld even if it is against their will as shown in the first part of the two-part episode "Heir Apparent", when he sends the Mystic Rangers into the Underworld after they were defeated by the super monster, Chimera.
    • Uthe Mejor Catastros: Koragg can open up a portal to summon Catastros.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat: in addition to his incredible raw strength, Koragg is a skilled fighter, being able to take on all five of the Rangers with ease and defeat them. He even fought Morticon to a stalemate on two different occasions.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Koragg can leap at an incredible distance with his most impressive display being in the episode "Rock Solid" when he leapt as high as Nick's Mystic Racer (which was before he made it into the Mystic Speeder).
  • Extraordinary Agility: Koragg is remarkably agile for a knight, such as when he was knocked backwards during his first fight with Nick (after his sword was caught through Nick's belief in magic) but backflipped and landed on his feet.


to be added


  • Knight Saber: Formerly primary weapon
    • Fang of the Master (Used after the destruction of his first Knight Saber and the death of Morticon. Later, reforged into a second Knight Saber.)
  • Shield of Darkness: Secondary weapon.


Appearances: MF Episodes 1-12, 15-23, 26-29

Koragg Knight Wolf Fury Dragon

Koragg Knight Wolf Dark Fury Dragon

Koragg Fury Dragon Dragon mode

Koragg Knight Wolf Dark Fury Dragon (Dragon mode)

Dark Fury Dragon is a form exclusive to Power Rangers Mystic Force toyline.

Powers and Abilities


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Centaur Megazord is the first combination of Koragg and Catastros. Koragg joins with Catastros in its four-legged configuration, becoming a giant centaur; Koragg replaces Catastros' head.

Powers and Abilities


  • Wolf Attack: By revealing a red eye from in the center of the shield, the Centaur Megazord can fire wolves made of dark energy at enemies, like Koragg could beforehand.


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  • Lance: Made from the head and neck of Catastros, the Centaur Megazord carries a massive lance for combat which is strong enough to take the White Mystic Ranger down in one hit.
  • Eye of the Master: The Centaur Megazord retains Koragg's shield to block other attacks.
Appearances: MF Episodes 2, 5, 6, 27

"Uthe Mejor Ultimas!"
―Combination incantation used by Koragg[src]

Centaurus Wolf Megazord is the second combination of Koragg and Catastros that is activated when Koragg chants "Uthe Mejor Ultimas".

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Strength: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord proved to be more powerful than the five Mystic Titans and Mystic Dragon in terms of strength. It also proved to be stronger than the Titan Megazord at first. However, it was defeated when the Titan Megazord used its new Titans Attack.
    • Strength Enhancement: When faced by Clare's Full Moon Wave, the Centaurus Wolf Megazord was able to flash its chest to get strong enough to break free of her laser rope and destroy the finishing attack (albeit with much effort).
  • Durability: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord took a full force attack of the Mystic Dragon's fire breath and was unfazed despite the fact that this attack would later destroy the Gargoyle of the Gates.
  • Dark Source, Evil Force: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord can take away powers from other beings as seen when he stripped away the Rangers' ability to combine into the Titan Megazord.
  • Energy Blasts: As seen when fighting Clare as the Gatekeeper, the Centarus Wolf Megazord can fire a short stream of purple energy capable of cancelling out her own energy blasts.
  • Portal Conquering: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord can conjour a portal to travel to other places at will, much like Koragg beforehand; he can also use it on his allies to escape to the Underworld.
  • Virus Absorption: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord can absorb viruses from other Zords and/or Megazords, as shown in the episode "Koragg's Trial".
  • Counter Attack: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord can fire off blasts in the shape of wolf heads made of dark energy from his chest, similar to the Wolf Attack ability that the Centaur Megazord and Koragg had before hand.
  • Dark Chest Beam: From the Eye of the Master located on his chest, the Centaurus Wolf Megazord can fire a large purple-colored energy beam at his enemies.
  • Dark Magic Spell Seal: A Dark version of the Titan Megazords Mystic Spell Seal, he will rotate his Glaive in a circle and summons a seal similar to the Titan Megazord's but is colored purple and only requires a half-turn to create, due to the Glaive being doubled-ended. The Megazord will then swing the Glaive at full force. This attack is strong enough to take out and dismantle the Mystic Dragon in one hit.
  • Dark Magic Strike: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord can charge up his Glaive with dark energy, and will swing his Glaive at full force, similar to Koragg's. This is another evil equivalent to the Mystic Spell Seal and was able to counter and then overwhelm the Megazord's finisher and took Clare straight out of her Gatekeeper form with one hit.
  • The Power of The Master: After equipping Morticon's sword, the Centaurus Wolf Megazord gets a new ability where it can fire off a massive tornado made of dark energy. Once it hits the enemy on contact, it will turn into vines that will wrap around the enemy.
  • Mystic Spell Seal: Now that Koragg is Leanbow again, the Centaurus Wolf Megazord is formed with good magic and can also use the Titan Megazord's "Mystic Spell Seal" attack. This was strong enough to take down Black Lance and demolish his chariot.


to be added


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  • Glaive: The Centaurus Wolf Megazord's primary weapon, a staff made of Catastros' mane and tail for combat.
Appearances: MF Episodes 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 16, 21, 23, 27


Ancient Mystic Mode

"Ancient Mystic Mode!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

As a Mystic Wizard, he can assume his Ancient Mystic Mode, resembling a red/purple fiery warrior wielding a sword and shield.

Powers and Abilities


to be added

  • Ancient Phoenix Power: Leanbow would charge up his Sabers, manifesting crimson energy along the blades. He would jump and attack with a crimson slash to his enemy.


to be added


to be added


  • Magic wand: In his youth, during the great battle, Leanbow fought with the red magic wand, which years later was given to his son Nick.
  • Mystic Sword: Leanbow's Ancient Mystic Mode primary weapon.
  • Mystic Shield: Leanbow's Ancient Mystic Mode secondary weapon.
  • Knight Saber: Wolf Warrior’s weapon occasionally used in Ancient Mystic Mode.

Appearances: MF Episodes 22, 23, 29-32


'Good' Costume

Wolf Warrior: Leanbow can assume this form using the Wolf Morpher, he takes on the form of a knight-like wizard who wielded the power of fire, armed with the Knight Saber and Shield of Light as his primary weapons.

Powers and Abilities


  • Fire/Heat Manipulation: As the Wolf Warrior, he has the ability to manipulate fire at will, showing great mastery in his spells and magic.
  • Blazing Storm Slash: The wolf warrior would charge up his Saber manifesting as fire energy along the blade, made a spin of 360 grades to proceed to attack to his enemy with a burning slash to destroy it.
  • Sun Spell: Leanbow can summon a massive red ball of energy to throw at his enemies and immediately kill them.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat: Despite no longer having the increased power he had when he was Koragg, Leanbow displayed great combat prowess when he faced Gekkor
  • Extraordinary Leaper
  • Extraordinary Agility: the wolf warrior is remarkably agile for a knight, such as when he was knocked backwards during his first fight with Nick in Root Core


to be added


Appearances: MF Episodes 30-32









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Behind the Scenes



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Ranger Key

KSG-Wolzard Fire Ranger Key

The Wolf Warrior Ranger Key.

The Wolf Warrior Ranger Key is Leanbow’s personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Extra Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key has been used by Orion (Super Megaforce Silver) on one occasion so far.


  • Leanbow is the first Ranger to be the father of the Red Ranger.
  • A white and gold coloration of the Koragg/Wolf Warrior armor, known as the Mystic Light Knight Wolf, was created specifically for the Mystic Force toyline.
  • In the credits, Wolf Warrior was credited as "Red Koragg".


Power Rangers Key Scanner

Wolf Warrior Scanner App Assets

the Wolf Warrior in Power Rangers Key Scanner

Leanbow as the Wolf Warrior appears in the app videogame Power Rangers Key Scanner, among various other Ranger teams.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Leanbow as the Wolf Warrior and Koragg, The Knight Wolf is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. He as the Wolf Warrior is an Epic (Leader), Epic (Assist) character, represents the Mystic Rangers along with Xander, Daggeron, and Udonna. He as Koragg, The Knight Wolf is a Legendary (Leader), Legendary (Assist) character.

Power Rangers Action Card Game

Leanbow as the Wolf Warrior and Koragg, The Knight Wolf, appears in the American trading card game Power Rangers Action Card Game.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

Leanbow appears as both a playable character and enemy in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

  • Wolf Warrior is a playable character in the "Light and Darkness" expansion.
  • Koragg is an opponent also in the "Light and Darkness" expansion. He is classified as a Monster.

Power Rangers Deck-Building Game

Koragg appears in the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game. He is a Villain Card in the "Shattered Grid" expansion.

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Twin ManJustinRockoFarai JukwaRobo T.J.CrashPsycho RedRed Cyborg RangerEvil Time Force RedLion Shadow RangerEvil ShaneEvil HunterCharlieOfficer TateEvil Red Mystic RangerEvil Red Overdrive RangerMr. ShibaThe Grand ShogunDane RomeroMick KanicRobo Red RangerBlaze

Power Sets
Red RangerRed Aquitar RangerZeo Ranger V RedRed Turbo RangerRed Space Ranger
Galaxy RedRed Lightspeed RangerTime Force RedQuantum RangerRed Wild Force RangerRed Wind RangerCrimson Thunder RangerRed Dino RangerS.P.D. Red RangerRed Mystic RangerWolf WarriorRed Overdrive RangerJungle Fury Red RangerRanger Operator Series RedRed Samurai RangerMegaforce RedSuper Megaforce RedDino Charge Red RangerNinja Steel RedGrid Battleforce Red RangerDino Fury Red RangerCosmic Fury Red Ranger
Red Ranger (1995 movie)Red Ranger (2017 movie)