This article is about a/an Galaxy Warrior contestant in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Lavagor was a contestant of Galaxy Warriors from the Extenz System and the minor villain of the episode Return of the Prism the first part of the two-part pilot episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Character History

Lavagor is only seen briefly when he is chosen by Cosmo Royale to fight against Korvaka. Though he was a skilled fighter, Lavagor is quickly beaten and destroyed by Korvaka. Return of the Prism

It is revealed in Presto Change-O that he has an identical twin brother. Presto Change-O


A fierce and silent swordsman who is weaker than his opponent, Korvaka.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sword: Lavagor wields a sword in battle.

Behind the Scenes


  • Along with sharing the same costume as Venjix (see below), Lavagor also shares the same voice actor, though his only dialogue is grunts



Venjix's first body.


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