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The Landick Tribe (ランディック族 Randikku Zoku) is a tough Gosei Angel tribe, with power over the earth. It is one of three tribes, along with the Skick and Seaick Tribe, which make up the Tensou Sentai Goseiger, with Agri (Gosei Black) and Moune (Gosei Yellow) representing them.

Landick Goseigers

Gosei Black Agri
Gosei Yellow Moune





Gosei Black

Agri (アグリ Aguri) is a hot-blooded Landick warrior and elder brother of Moune who acts cool. He prides himself on being the strongest fighter out of the five Goseigers. After transforming into Gosei Black (ゴセイブラック Gosei Burakku), Agri says, "Landick Power of Stone! Gosei Black" (巌のランディックパワー!ゴセイブラック Iwao no Randikku Pawā! Gosei Burakku). As Gosei Black, he can team up with his sister to perform combination attacks. With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Black becomes Super Gosei Black (スーパーゴセイブラック Sūpā Gosei Burakku), saying "Miraculous Stone! Super Gosei Black" (奇跡の巌!スーパーゴセイブラック Kiseki no Iwao! Sūpā Gosei Burakku).

Agri is portrayed by Kyousuke Hamao (浜尾 京介 Hamao Kyōsuke).





Gosei Yellow

Moune (モネ Mone) is Agri's younger sister and youngest member of the group. However, she has a very strict nature which causes Eri to often get on her nerves. Despite this, she can be loving and always sticks to the battle ahead. Hyde sometimes calls her a child as she sometimes has a childish nature. After transforming into Gosei Yellow (ゴセイイエロー Gosei Ierō), Moune says, "Landick Power of Sprouting! Gosei Yellow" (芽萌のランディックパワー!ゴセイイエロー Megumi no Randikku Pawā! Gosei Ierō). As Gosei Yellow, she can perform the Insulator Kick (絶縁体キック Zetsuentai Kikku). With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Yellow becomes Super Gosei Yellow (スーパーゴセイイエロー Sūpā Gosei Ierō), saying "Miraculous Sprouting! Super Gosei Yellow" (奇跡の芽萌!スーパーゴセイイエロー Kiseki no Megumi! Sūpā Gosei Ierō).

Moune is portrayed by Mikiho Niwa (にわ みきほ Niwa Mikiho).


  • Landick Gosei Angels have the power to create and manipulate the earth, ranging from rocks, plants and even the dirt; this further emphasized by the roll call of Agri and Moune.
  • Landicks are also physically stronger than the Skick and Seaick Angels; during their team-up with the Shinkengers, Agri was not only able to lift a cart that contained both Mako Shiraishi and Eri but also run at a rather fast speed with it (though it still took some effort and Agri was visually seen tired out after so)
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