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Landick Brothers (ランディックブラザー Randikku Burazā): The Landick Brothers are a trio of ground Headders that combine with Gosei Great to form Landick Gosei Great. Composed of Kuwaga Headder (クワガヘッダー Kuwaga Heddā), Sai Headder (サイヘッダー Sai Heddā), and Tyranno Headder (ティラノヘッダー Tirano Heddā), they can perform the Landick Brothers Attack (ランディックブラザーアタック Randikku Burazā Atakku).


Kuwaga Headder

Kuwaga Headder is a stag beetle mecha that's a member of the Landick Brothers. Forms the head of Landick Gosei Great.

Tyranno Headder

Tyranno Headder is a tyrannosaurus mecha that's a member of the Landick Brothers. Forms the left foot of Landick Gosei Great.

Sai Headder

Sai Headder is a rhinoceros mecha that's a member of the Landick Brothers. Forms the right foot of Landick Gosei Great.


Landick Gosei Great

After combining with the Landick Brothers, Gosei Great becomes Landick Gosei Great (ランディックゴセイグレート Randoikku Gosei Gurēto). Landick Gosei Great's attacks include the Kuwaga Headbutt (クワガヘッドバット Kuwaga Heddobatto) and the Tyranno Kick (ティラノキック Tirano Kikku). Landick Gosei Great's final attack is the Landick Strike (ランディックストライク Randikku Sutoraiku), using the Sai Headder's drill to execute a drop kick.

Another Landick Gosei Great

When using the Sai and Tyranno Headders as hands and the Kuwaga Headder as chest armor, Gosei Great becomes Another Landick Gosei Great (アナザーランディックゴセイグレート Anazā Randoikku Gosei Gurēto). First debuts in Epic 18.

Additional Formations

Gosei Card

Landick Brother card

Summon Card

This Gosei Card is used by the two Landick Goseigers, with Gosei Black and Gosei Yellow possessing a copy each, to summon the Landick Brothers.


All Headers

Gokai All Headders Great Charge

The Greater Power of the Goseigers allows GokaiOh to summon the Gosei Headders, namely the Landick, Skick and Seaick Brothers as well as the personal Headders of the five Goseigers. The Headders are used to charge at an opponent in a finishing attack called the Gokai All Headders Great Charge (ゴーカイオールヘッダー大進撃 Gōkai Ōru Heddā Daishingeki), which was used once to destroy a horde of Non-commissioned Officers Sugormin. Ep. 17: The Amazing Silver-Colored Man

Super Hero Taisen Z

Tyrannosaurus Mechs

Tyrannosaurus Mecha powering Gabutyra.

Tyranno Headder was part of a group of Tyrannosaurus Mecha manifestations which appeared around the Gabutyra head of Kyoryuzin as its Miracle Combination prepared the Zyuden Brave Strike End Rider KickIcon-crosswiki attack which destroyed Demon King PsychoIcon-crosswiki. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z


  • The Kuwaga Headder represents a samurai helmet or "Kabuto"
  • Landick Gosei Great's finisher is similar to Kamen Rider Fourze's Rider Rocket Drill Kick.

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