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The Land of Despair.

The Land of Despair (望の大地 Zetsubō no Daichi) is an island within an extra-dimensional plane; on it is a green land of woods and plains as well as a massive castle. Within the castle is an alter where the Legendary Weapons of the Five Great tribes reside, protected by various traps and tricks. However, this land is not without its dangers: if anyone stays on the island for 24 hours, they will instantly turn to stone. Many of those who tried to head to the island for the weapons were frozen in stone even before reaching the castle at the center.

After their weapons were destroyed in a battle with Witch Bandora's minion Dora SkeletonEp. 2: Revival!, the Zyuranger are forced to head to the island for replace them with the Legendary Weapons. However Bandora decides to make it more difficult by sending a boy and his mother to the island, forcing the team to divide up to both save the family and find the weapons, as well as avoid Bandora and her minions including her latest Dora Monster, Dora Minotauros. Though making initial progress to the castle, Hiroshi ultimately turns to stone due to Bandora's motions forcing the Zyuranger to place all on finding the weapons. When they finally make it to the castle, they pass the tests and gain their upgraded Legendary Weapons and save both Hiroshi and his mom before Bandora finally throws the island and destroys it.Ep. 3: Fight in the Land of DespairEp. 4: Revive, Legendary Weapons

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