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―Lady Ring's first words when scaring Shouji out of the grip he had on her legs after her sister had scared him and she had ensnared him.[src]
""So, you two are Dairangers? How interesting. I am the eldest sister, Yubiwa Kanjo.""
―Lady Ring when Rin and Shouji transformed and revealed thier secret identities to the sisters She may have been the first in thier little rollcall but this was spoken together.[src]
""My little sisters. I'm going to that world. Together, we are the Three Priestesses of Hell.""
―Lady Ring's final words before her death.[src]

Lady Ring (指輪官女, Yubiwa Kanjo) (17-22). Originally credited as Ring Princess, she is the eldest of the Three Ladies and their default leader.


Alongsideher sisters, she was originally a guardian of Hell itself until Akomaru had her freed at which point she and her sisters swore loyalty to him and the Gorma Tribe.  

Together, the three have a three step signature attack. Attack number 1 is a punch to the chest is delivered as a chest punch from Necklace and Earring when they jumped off of Ring's shoulder, attack number two was Necklace and Earring to punch her opponents in the head, and attack number three was to rush the enemy and slash them mercilessly with thier weapons. She could also to create energy rings to lasso her opponents.

After her two sisters died, Lady Ring vowed to avenge them. Using their possessions, Lady Ring could create "phantom" versions of her sisters to fight with her. Using this ability she easily defeated Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger, but later became first to be killed by Kibadaioh and it's Flying Sword; Smash to Atoms finisher after thier three strike strategy failed after they were knocked back themselves by it's Great Chi Power Punch and fell into Ring.


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