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This article is about a/an ally in Power Rangers HyperForce.

Lady Guinevere is the queen of Camelot and the White Battle Knight who with the HyperForce Rangers (minus Marv) defeated the evil Red Dragon which terrorized the villagers of her native land/kingdom and saved her beloved King Arthur.

Character History

After Merlin explained their true intentions and that have a connection to the Morphin Grid just like the Knights of Camelot, she agreed to have the Royal Blacksmith fix the hole in the hull of their ship; and in return, the Rangers would help in ridding her realm of the evil Red Dragon. After a long journey, they all found and defeated the red dragon, which turned out to be the King under a curse/spell by Morgan La Fey. Finally free from the curse, he and Guinevere awarded the Pink Ranger with a Pink Morph Gem of one of their fallen Knights, giving Chloe the ability to morph into her very own Battlizer Mode and the Rangers a chance to find their missing Red Ranger.

White Battle Knight


  • White Jewel of Light
  • Crossbow
  • White Horse
  • White Battle Armor
  • Sword
  • Shield


  • Lady Guinevere was played by Allie Gonino, a famous singer and actress.
  • She is the first to ever use the game dice to choose a path to take in HyperForce.
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