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""I am the third sister, Earring Kanjo!""
―Lady Earring's first words when introducing herself to Rin and Shouji alongside her sisters.[src]
""Akomaru ...Kibaranger's that boy. He's that boy...""
―Lady Earring telling Akomaru who Kibaranger reallyu is but failing since these were her final words mere moments before dying.[src]

Lady Earring (イヤリング官女, Iyaringu Kanjo) (17, 18 & 22): She can shoot her hair to grab opponents in a constrictor hold. Mortally wounded by KibaRanger and his Howling Star Shattering Echo after she found out his true identity, she died from massive blood-loss while telling Akomaru about her killer's identity, fallinf dead on Necklace's shoulder.


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