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LL Onene (レーレーオネネ RēRē Onene, 10)

Character History

Bowzock's best bicycle gang leader, she rode on the tripped out bike, called Ryuuseigou, and uses a baton as her weapon, able to blast lasers from her shaded eyes. Going on her own seeing how soft and unmotivated the Bowzock were becoming, she uses her Bowzock headbands to draft Naoki Domon and others into her bicycle gang. Pursuing Onene on their cart, the Carrangers are at a disadvantage as she uses narrow passages they can't reach. Recruiting more members to her group, from preschool to high school, Natsumi Shinohara takes matters in her hands by dismantling Naoki's bike before they learn the method to Onene's control. Taking advantage of the headband, Natsumi has Naoki work out his leg muscles so Naoki can catch up to Onene as they race each other. Once forced off her bike, the Carrangers battle the Combatant Wumpers as Blue Racer battles Onene and takes her out with his kicks. Eating Imo-youkan, Onene battles RV Robo and is easily killed off.


LL has a very excited hyper active personality. She loves cycling and thinks it's more fun the more bikers there are. Which is the main reason she turns people into crazy reckless bikers. Despite being a member of the Bowzocks, she seems to have surprisingly little actual malice in her soul. Unlike the other Bowzock members, she isn't trying to hurt anybody intentionally. The fact that her actions would have destroyed society was just an unintended consequence of her doing what she loved.

Modus and Arsenal

  • LL uses her Bowzock headbands to draft people into her biker gang. converting all of earth to the Bowzocks.
  • LL also wields a baton, in battle.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Her motif is that of an outlaw motorcycle gang member.

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