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"It's not that. (...) No. (...) It's none of those! What makes a Bowzock to begin with? It starts with getting more members! The more members, the more fun it is to drive. Isn't that right?"
―LL Onene's first words, spoken when Gynamo asked why she looked so depressed and mocked her by asking if she wanted to marry him. Zonnette also asked if she wanted to be as beautiful as her, and Grotch assumed she needed the loo.[src]

"I'm gonna crush you all!"
― LL Onene when she grew; also her final words before her death.[src]

LL Onene (LLレーレーオネネ RēRē Onene, 10) was the Bowzock's #1 bicycle gang leader.


Striking out on her own due to how soft and unmotivated the Bowzock were becoming, LL Onene uses special Bowzock headbands to brainwash and draft Naoki Domon – among others – into her bicycle gang. Pursuing Onene on their carts, the Carrangers are at a disadvantage as she uses narrow passages they can't reach, due to the carts being wide to fit into places such as alleyways. With Onene "recruiting" more members to her group, from preschool to high school, Natsumi Shinohara takes matters in her hands by dismantling Naoki's bike before they learn the method to Onene's control. Taking advantage of the headband, Natsumi has Naoki work out his leg muscles so Naoki can catch up to Onene as they race each other. Once forced off her bike, the Carrangers battle her summoned Wumpers as Blue Racer battles Onene, taking her out with his kicks. Onene quickly resorts to imo-youkan to grow giant, and is then subject to a battle with RV Robo. With Blue Racer taking charge, she is given no chance to recover as she is barraged with an RV Hairpin Kick and a Plugnado Spark in quick succession. Onene is easily killed off afterwards by the Reckless Dash Cutter.


LL Onene has a very excitable, hyperactive personality. She loves cycling and thinks it's more fun the more bikers there are, which is the main reason she chooses to brainwash people into becoming crazy, reckless bikers via her headbands. Despite being a member of the Bowzock Tribe, she seems to have surprisingly little actual malice in her soul. Unlike the other Bowzock members, she isn't trying to hurt anybody intentionally. The fact that her actions would have destroyed society was just an unintended consequence of her doing what she loved. Onene also has great admiration for bikers with strong leg muscles, as evidenced when she confronts Naoki riding a bike and is amazed by the strength in his legs. She also mentions at one point, before consuming imo-youkan to grow gigantic, that her favorite food is green tea cake, stating that she'd have preferred it to imo-youkan.

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Onene uses special Bowzock headbands to brainwash people and draft them into her biker gang, hoping to convert all of Earth to the Bowzock cause. She also wields a red baton in battle, and can fire lasers from her shades.

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  • Her motif is that of an outlaw motorcycle gang member.

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