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"Gigant Houou!"
―Combination announcement[src]

Kyutama Gattai Gigant Houou (キュータマ合体ギガントホウオー Kyūtama Gattai Giganto Hōō, Nine Ball Combination Giant Phoenix) is the Giant Robo for Houou Soldier in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.


Gigant Houou (ギガントホウオー Giganto Hōō, Giant Phoenix) is the combination of Houou Voyager and Houou Station.

Gigant Houou is able to fly and perform aerial attacks.

Gigant Houou is armed with the Gigant Blades (ギガントブレード Giganto Burēdo).

Gigant Houou has two finishers:

  • Gigant Houou Blazing (ギガントホウオーブレイジング Giganto Hōō Bureijingu): Gigant Houou performs a double fire slash attack with the Gigant Blades.
  • Gigant Fire Break (ギガントファイヤーブレイク Giganto Faiyā Bureiku): Gigant Houou separates from its counterparts, then Houou Station traps the opponent for Houou Voyager to ram at the opponent. During the finisher, Houou Voyager and Houou Station combine into Gigant Houou again.

Appearances: Kyuranger Episodes 22, 23, The Ghess Indavers Counterattack


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Gigant Houou Components

Houou Voyager

"3! 2! 1! GO!"
―Launch announcement[src]

Houou Voyager (ホウオウボイジャー Hōō Boijā) is Houou Soldier's Voyager, a Houou System phoenix spaceship. Forms the majority of Gigant Houou.

Appearances: Kyuranger Episodes 22, 23, The Ghess Indavers Counterattack

Houou Station

Houou Station (ホウオウステーション Hōō Sutēshon) is a satellite-like structure. In battle, Houou Station can use its two satellites to defect attacks. Forms the chest and arms of Gigant Houoh.

Appearances: Kyuranger Episodes 22, 23, The Ghess Indavers Counterattack

Other Components

Houou Base

Houou Base (ホウオウベース Hōō Bēsu) acts as Houou Voyager's self-propelled launch pad where it is stored between missions.

Appearances: Kyuranger Episodes 22

Additional Formations

Kyutama Dai Gattai Kyutamajin

Kyutama Dai Gattai Kyutamajin is the combination of Gigant Houou with Shishi Voyager, Houou Base, and the Kyurangers' main twelve Kyutamas.

Kyutamajin's finishing move is "Ultimate Meteor Break."[1]

Appearances: Kyuranger Episodes TBA




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