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*Kyutama resemble the ''Cosmo Capsules'' from the series [[w:c:chouseishin:Chousei Kantai Sazer-X|Chousei Kantai Sazer-X]].
*Kyutama resemble the ''Cosmo Capsules'' from the series [[w:c:chouseishin:Chousei Kantai Sazer-X|Chousei Kantai Sazer-X]].
*Their nature being either assigned to a Ranger for transformation and empowering their mecha or used in battle for different purposes parallels the [[Zyudenchi]] of ''[[Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger]]''.
*Their nature being either assigned to a Ranger for transformation and empowering their mecha or used in battle for different purposes parallels the [[Zyudenchi]] of ''[[Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger]]''.
*The Saiko kyutama is a reference to Kamen Rider Faiz. 315->'''sa'''n-'''i'''chi-'''go'''->saiko This is similar to Kaixa and Psyga's transformation sequences.

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Kyu Cockpit

Kyutama used as cockpits.

"Mawa Slide!"
―Kyuranger activation command[src]

The Kyutama (キュータマ Kyūtama, Lit. Nine Ball) are Spheres that hold the unknown power of the Constellations. They can be used in the Seiza Blaster to transform into Kyurangers, become the power sources of the Kyu The Weapons and become the cockpits of the Voyagers. To activate a Kyutama, a Kyuranger spins the outer shell until the inscribed image is complete, usually following a shout of "Mawa Slide" (マワスライド Mawa Suraido).

List of known Kyutama[1]


Number Image Name Constellation Uses
USK-Kyutama 01
Shishi Kyutama (シシキュータマ Shishi Kyūtama, lit. Lion Nine Ball) Leo Used for Shishi Red transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 02
Sasori Kyutama (サソリキュータマ Sasori Kyūtama, lit. Scorpion Nine Ball) Scorpius Used for Sasori Orange transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 03
Ookami Kyutama (オオカミキュータマ Ōkami Kyūtama, lit. Wolf Nine Ball) Lupus Used for Ookami Blue transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 04
Tenbin Kyutama (テンビンキュータマ Tenbin Kyūtama, lit. Scales Nine Ball) Libra Used for Tenbin Gold transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 05
Oushi Kyutama (オウシキュータマ Oushi Kyūtama, lit. Bull Nine Ball) Taurus Used for Oushi Black transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 06
Hebitsukai Kyutama (ヘビツカイキュータマ Hebitsukai Kyūtama, lit. Snake-Bearer Nine Ball) Ophiuchus Used for Hebitsukai Silver transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 07
Chameleon Kyutama (カメレオンキュータマ Kamereon Kyūtama, lit. Chameleon Nine Ball) Chamaeleon Used for Chameleon Green transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 08
Washi Kyutama (ワシキュータマ Washi Kyūtama, lit. Eagle Nine Ball) Aquila Used for Washi Pink transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 09
Kajiki Kyutama (カジキキュータマ Kajiki Kyūtama, lit. Swordfish Nine Ball) Dorado Used for Kajiki Yellow transformation, weapon & mecha.
Kyutama 10
Ryu Kyutama (リュウキュータマ Ryū Kyūtama, lit. Dragon Nine Ball) Draco Used for Ryu Commander transformation, weapon & mecha.
Kyutama 11
Koguma Kyutama (コグマキュータマ Koguma Kyūtama, lit. Little Bear Nine Ball) Ursa Minor Used for Koguma Skyblue transformation, weapon & mecha.
Houou Kyutama (ホウキュータマ Hōō Kyūtama, lit. Firebird Nine Ball)[2] Phoenix Used for Houou Soldier transformation, weapon & mecha.


Number Image Name Constellation Uses
Kyutama 15
Ushikai Kyutama (ウシカイキュータマ Ushikai Kyūtama, lit. Plowman Nine Ball)[3] Boötes
Kyutama 16
Hebi Kyutama (ヘビキュータマ Hebi Kyūtama, lit. Snake Nine Ball) Serpens
18 Hakuchou Kyutama (ハクチョウキュータマ Hakuchō Kyūtama, lit. Swan Nine Ball) Cygnus
USK-Kyutama 19
Rashinban Kyutama (ラシンバンキュータマ Rashinban Kyūtama, lit. Compass Nine Ball) Pyxis
USK-Kyutama 20
Bouenkyou Kyutama (ボウエンキョウキュータマ Bōenkyō Kyūtama, lit. Telescope Nine Ball) Telescopium Projects a holographic scope for precision aiming.
USK-Kyutama 21
Kani Kyutama (カニキュータマ Kani Kyūtama, lit. Crab Nine Ball) Cancer Creates a crab-like energy claw around the user's arm, which can be used for grabbing an enemy.
Kyutama 22
Ooguma Kyutama (オオグマキュータマ Ōguma Kyūtama, lit. Big Bear Nine Ball) Ursa Major Used to enlarge Koguma Skyblue into Ooguma Skyblue.
USK-Kyutama 23
Uo Kyutama (ウオキュータマ Uo Kyūtama, lit. Fish Nine Ball) Pisces Manifests a large fish; useful for preparing seafood cuisines.
USK-Kyutama 24
Tate Kyutama (タテキュータマ Tate Kyūtama, lit. Shield Nine Ball) Scutum Generates an energy shield to protect the user from incoming attacks.
USK-Kyutama 25
Futago Kyutama (フタゴキュータマ Futago Kyūtama, lit. Twins Nine Ball) Gemini Creates a temporary clone of the user.
USK-Kyutama 26
Ohitsuji Kyutama (オヒツジキュータマ Ohitsuji Kyūtama, lit. Ram Nine Ball) Aries Fires a burst of energy that makes those struck fall asleep.
Kyutama 28
Mizugame Kyutama (ミズガメキュータマ Mizugame Kyūtama, lit. Water Jar Nine Ball) Aquarius
Kyutama 31
Centaurus Kyutama (ケンタウルスキュータマ Kentaurusu Kyūtama, lit. Centaur Nine Ball) Centaurus Transforms the users lower body into that of a glowing horse.
Kyutama 32
Kujaku Kyutama (クジャクキュータマ Kujyaku Kyūtama, lit. Peacock Nine Ball) Pavo
USK-Kyutama 33
Pegasus Kyutama (ペガサスキュータマ Pegasasu Kyūtama, lit. Pegasus Nine Ball) Pegasus Summons forth the Pegasus armor Pega-san (ペガさん)
USK-Kyutama 36
Perseus Kyutama (ペルセウスキュータマ Peruseusu Kyūtama, lit. Perseus Nine Ball) Perseus
USK-Kyutama 37
Kujira Kyutama (クジラキュータマ Kujira Kyūtama, lit. Whale Nine Ball) Cetus
USK-Kyutama 38
Cassiopeia Kyutama (カシオペアキュータマ Kasiopea Kyūtama, lit. Cassiopeia Nine Ball) Cassiopeia
Kyutama 39
Tokage Kyutama (トカゲキュータマ Tokage Kyūtama, lit. Lizard Nine Ball)[4] Lacerta Enables the user to climb on any vertical surface.
USK-Kyutama 40
Andromeda Kyutama (アンドロメダキュータマ Andoromeda Kyūtama, lit. Andromeda Nine Ball) Andromeda
USK-Kyutama 41
Genbikyo Kyutama (ケンビキョウキュータマ Genbikyō Kyūtama, lit. Microscope Nine Ball) Microscopium Aids in the search for small objects.
USK-Kyutama 42
Ryoken Kyutama (リョウケンキュータマ Ryōken Kyūtama, lit. Hound Nine Ball) Canes Venatici
Kyutama 43
Kirin Kyutama (キリンキュータマ Kirin Kyūtama, lit. Giraffe Nine Ball) Camelopardalis
Kyutama 44
Tobiuo Kyutama (トビウオキュータマ Tobiuo Kyūtama, lit. Flying fish Nine Ball) Volans
Kyutama 45
Karasu Kyutama (カラスキュータマ Karasu Kyūtama, lit. Crow Nine Ball) Corvus
46 Jyogi Kyutama (ジョウギキュータマ Jyōgi Kyūtama, lit. Ruler Nine Ball) Norma
47 Chokokugu Kyutama (チョウコクグキュータマ Chōkokugu Kyūtama, lit. Carving Nine Ball) Caelum
49 Compass Kyutama (コンパスキュータマ Konpasu Kyūtama, lit. Compass Nine Ball) Circinus
50 Saidan Kyutama (サイダンキュータマ Saidan Kyūtama, lit. Altar Nine Ball) Ara
Kyutama 51
Otome Kyutama (オトメキュータマ Otome Kyūtama, lit. Maiden Nine Ball) Virgo
Kyutama 55
Ite Kyutama (イテキュータマ Ite Kyūtama, lit. Archer Nine Ball) Sagittarius
Kyutama 64
Cup Kyutama (コップキュータマ Koppu Kyūtama, lit. Cup Nine Ball) Crater
Kyutama 68
Usagi Kyutama (ウサギキュータマ Usagi Kyūtama, lit. Rabbit Nine Ball) Lepus Greatly enhances the user's jumping ability.
Kyutama 83
Ro Kyutama (ロキュータマ Ro Kyūtama, lit. Oven Nine Ball) Fornax
Kyutama 88
Tomo Kyutama (トモュータマ Tomo Kyūtama, lit. Poop Deck Nine Ball) Puppis


Number/Code Image Name Constellation Uses
Sun and Moon Kyutama
Hikari Kyutama (ヒカリキュータマ Hikari Kyūtama, lit. Light Nine Ball)[3]
Kyutama 315
Saiko Kyutama[2]


These are Kyutama that do not fit any of the preceding categories.

Number/Code Image Name Constellation Uses
Kyutama SP (Kyuranger)
Kyuranger Kyutama (キュウレンジャーキュータマ Kyuranger Kyūtama, lit. Nine Ranger Nine Ball)[3] Kyurangers
USK-Kyutama KR
Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki Kyutama (エグゼイドキュータマ Eguzeido Kyūtama, lit. Ex-Aid Nine Ball) Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki Summons Kamen Rider Ex-Aid to the user's location.

Unused Kyutama

These are Kyutama that have sounds programmed into the DX Seiza Blaster, but have no confirmation regarding their presence in the show, and exist here for completion's sake.[5]

  • Orion Kyutama
  • Kojishi Kyutama
  • Houou Kyutama
  • Super Kyutama
  • King Kyutama
  • Tokei Kyutama
  • Heracles Kyutama
  • Kanmuri Kyutama
  • Pump Kyutama
  • Togami Kyutama
  • Yagi Kyutama
  • Kaminoke Kyutama
  • Chi Kyutama
  • Big Bang Kyutama
  • Great Kyutama
  • Ikakuju Kyutama
  • Zyuohger Kyutama
  • Dark Kyutama
  • Super Sentai Kyutama
  • Black Hole Kyutama


  • The power source of the Kyutama, Kyu Energy, may have been derived from Planet Jume (プラネットジューム Puranetto Jume), the energy that Jark Matter is eager to find, though no connection has been established yet.
  • Kyutama resemble the Cosmo Capsules from the series Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.
  • Their nature being either assigned to a Ranger for transformation and empowering their mecha or used in battle for different purposes parallels the Zyudenchi of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.
  • The Saiko kyutama is a reference to Kamen Rider Faiz. 315->san-ichi-go->saiko This is similar to Kaixa and Psyga's transformation sequences.



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