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"Mawa Slide!"
―Kyuranger activation command[src]

The Kyutama (キュータマ Kyūtama, Lit. Sphere Ball) are Spheres that hold the unknown power of the Constellations. They can be used in the Seiza Blaster, Ryutsueder or Houou Blade & Shield to transform into Kyurangers, become the power sources of the Kyu The Weapons and become the cockpits of the Voyagers. To activate a Kyutama, a Kyuranger spins the outer shell until the inscribed image is complete, usually following a shout of "Mawa Slide" (マワスライド Mawa Suraido).

Kyutama are divided into two categories: Change Kyutama, which allow the user to transform into a Kyuranger, and Skill Kyutama, which allow the user to use special effects.


Kyutama Cockpits

All Kyutama

As noted by Raptor 283, the Kyutama were the subject of a universal legend: "When the universe falls into evil clutches and its people shed tears, the Kyutama will choose nine saviors, the Kyurangers, who will save the universe.". Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.1: The Super Stars of Space

The very first Kyutama, the Houou Kyutama, awakened 300 years ago, and fell into the hands of Tsurugi Ohtori, who would use it to become the very first Kyuranger.

The first known Kyutama to appear in modern times was that of the Ryu System. Though not a Change Kyutama, Shou Ronpo was able to achieve an unorthodox transformation into Ryu Violet through the use of the specially created Biting Transformation Gun Ryutsueder. This system, however, was incomplete in that the transformation could only be maintained for a limited time. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.9: Burn! Dragon Master

As depicted in a series of illustrations by Shou Ronpo himself, he would travel across the various constellations in an epic journey to gather the power of the legendary Kyutama so as to oppose the tyranny of Jark Matter, taking him to places such as amidst a sea of scorching magma to a frigid wasteland. Shou would collect numerous Skill Kyutama in this journey, such as that of Pega-san in the Pegasus System, who had resonated with Shou's burning desire to see the defeat of Jark Matter. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.6: Flap! Dancing Star Inexplicably, Shou also acquired a unique Kyutama which would summon Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki.png from his world. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.7: Take Back the Birthday!

The first of the initial nine Kyutama to appear was that of the Sasori System; awakened in Stinger, it was discovered on him by Shou Ronpo who offered him a Transformation Controller Seiza Blaster to join the Rebellion as Sasori Orange. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.13: Stinger's Challenge To His Brother!

While Stinger operated in secret, a trio of Kyutama would be awakened within Spada/Kajiki Yellow, Hammy/Chameleon Green, and Champ/Oushi Black. In an attempt to eliminate the initial trio of Kyurangers on Jagjag, Karo Eriedrone inadvertently provided the trial by fire which awakened the Kyutama of Shishi Red and Ookami Blue within Lucky and Garu. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.1: The Super Stars of Space

Following a hunch to planet Zigama, Lucky brought forth a further two Kyutama, Tenbin and Hebitsukai, from the BN Team of Balance/Tenbin Gold and Naga Rei/Hebitsukai Silver respectively. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!

The last of the original nine Kyutama to be appear was that of the Washi System; awakening in Raptor 283 through her dream to fight Jark Matter, it allowed her to become Washi Pink, completing the nine-man Kyuranger team. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.4: Dreamy Android

Faced with a non-Jark Matter opponent, Space IkadevilIcon-crosswiki.png of ShockerIcon-crosswiki.png, Lucky was provided with the Ex-Aid Kyutama by Shou; after enlisting the aid of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the Kyutama disappeared as Ex-Aid returned to his world. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.7: Take Back the Birthday!

When Shou was forced to transform again, the nine Kyurangers were able to complete his Ryu Kyutama's transformation into a Change Kyutama by infusing the Kyu Energy of their own Kyutama into it, enabling him to become Ryu Commander. Meanwhile, acting on Shou's orders, a three-man team consisting of Champ, Balance, and Naga retrieved the Kyutama of the Rashinban System from its planet Jiishakku. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.8: Secret of Commander Shou Ronpo Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.9: Burn! Dragon Master

Using the Ooguma Kyutama as a base, the ghost of the Rebellion's late Supreme Commander Big Bear created the Koguma Kyutama which would be used by Kotaro Sakuma to become Koguma Skyblue. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.10: A Small Giant, Big Star!

Revealing their next objective as the ship Argo, Shou sent the Kyurangers to find a trio of Kyutama that would awaken it. The first Kyutama, Tomo, was discovered to be within a Deathworm. It was ejected from the monster by RyuTeiOh only to be captured by Ikargen. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.11: Three Kyutama to Save The Universe For the confrontation against Ikargen, the Kyuranger Kyutama was introduced, its selection by the Kyulette calling all eleven Kyurangers to join the final showdown before claiming the Tomo Kyutama after defeating him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Space.12: 11 Ultimate All-Stars

List of known Kyutama[1]

Number Image Name Constellation Uses
USK-Kyutama 01.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Shishi Kyutama (シシキュータマ Shishi Kyūtama, lit. Lion Nine Ball) Leo Used for Shishi Red transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 02.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Sasori Kyutama (サソリキュータマ Sasori Kyūtama, lit. Scorpion Nine Ball) Scorpius Used for Sasori Orange transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 03.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Ookami Kyutama (オオカミキュータマ Ōkami Kyūtama, lit. Wolf Nine Ball) Lupus Used for Ookami Blue transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 04.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Tenbin Kyutama (テンビンキュータマ Tenbin Kyūtama, lit. Scales Nine Ball) Libra Used for Tenbin Gold transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 05.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Oushi Kyutama (オウシキュータマ Oushi Kyūtama, lit. Bull Nine Ball) Taurus Used for Oushi Black transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 06.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Hebitsukai Kyutama (ヘビツカイキュータマ Hebitsukai Kyūtama, lit. Snake-Bearer Nine Ball) Ophiuchus Used for Hebitsukai Silver transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 07.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Chameleon Kyutama (カメレオンキュータマ Kamereon Kyūtama, lit. Chameleon Nine Ball) Chamaeleon Used for Chameleon Green transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 08.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Washi Kyutama (ワシキュータマ Washi Kyūtama, lit. Eagle Nine Ball) Aquila Used for Washi Pink transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 09.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Kajiki Kyutama (カジキキュータマ Kajiki Kyūtama, lit. Swordfish Nine Ball) Dorado Used for Kajiki Yellow transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 10.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Ryu Kyutama (リュウキュータマ Ryū Kyūtama, lit. Dragon Nine Ball) Draco Used for Ryu Commander transformation, weapon & mecha.
Skill Kyutama version used for Ryu Violet transformation only.
USK-Kyutama 11.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Koguma Kyutama (コグマキュータマ Koguma Kyūtama, lit. Little Bear Nine Ball) Ursa Minor Used for Koguma Skyblue transformation, weapon & mecha.
USK-Kyutama 12.png

(Skill Kyutama version)

Houou Kyutama (ホウキュータマ Hōō Kyūtama, lit. Firebird Nine Ball) Phoenix Used for Houou Soldier transformation, weapon & mecha. Grants the power of immortality.

Number Image Name Constellation Uses
USK-Kyutama 13.png
Orion Kyutama (オリオンキュータマ Orion Kyūtama, lit. Orion Nine Ball)[2] Orion Summons Orion Voyager
USK-Kyutama 14.png
Tokei Kyutama (トケイキュータマ Tokei Kyūtama, lit. Clock Nine Ball) Horologium Allows the user to travel in time twice- afterwards it breaks. It shows the time 07:30 which is the time when Super Sentai airs on TV in Japan.
USK-Kyutama 15.png
Ushikai Kyutama (ウシカイキュータマ Ushikai Kyūtama, lit. Plowman Nine Ball) Boötes Increases the user's speed. When Champ used it, it summoned a "farmer" that whips him for extra strength.
USK-Kyutama 16.png
Hebi Kyutama (ヘビキュータマ Hebi Kyūtama, lit. Snake Nine Ball) Serpens Manifests numerous flying spectral snakes to swarm an opponent.
USK-Kyutama 17.png
Pump Kyutama (ポンプキュータマ Ponpu Kyūtama, lit. Pump Nine Ball) Antlia Allows for the user to manifest a pump that can absorb then redirect liquids. Can also speed up a vehicle.
USK-Kyutama 18.png
Hercules Kyutama (ヘラクレスキュータマ Herakuresu Kyūtama, lit. Hercules Nine Ball) Hercules Enhances the user's physical strength.
USK-Kyutama 19.png
Rashinban Kyutama (ラシンバンキュータマ Rashinban Kyūtama, lit. Compass Nine Ball) Pyxis Projects a holographic map to whatever the user is searching for- it needs to be recharged in between uses.
Not to be confused with the Compass Kyutama (#49).
USK-Kyutama 20.png
Bouenkyou Kyutama (ボウエンキョウキュータマ Bōenkyō Kyūtama, lit. Telescope Nine Ball) Telescopium Projects a holographic scope for precision aiming.
USK-Kyutama 21.png
Kani Kyutama (カニキュータマ Kani Kyūtama, lit. Crab Nine Ball) Cancer Creates a crab-like energy claw around the user's arm, which can be used for grabbing an enemy.
USK-Kyutama 22.png
Ooguma Kyutama (オオグマキュータマ Ōguma Kyūtama, lit. Big Bear Nine Ball) Ursa Major Used to enlarge Koguma Skyblue into a giant.
USK-Kyutama 23.png
Uo Kyutama (ウオキュータマ Uo Kyūtama, lit. Fish Nine Ball) Pisces Manifests a large fish; useful for preparing seafood cuisines.
USK-Kyutama 24.png
Tate Kyutama (タテキュータマ Tate Kyūtama, lit. Shield Nine Ball) Scutum Generates an energy shield to protect the user from incoming attacks.
USK-Kyutama 25.png
Futago Kyutama (フタゴキュータマ Futago Kyūtama, lit. Twins Nine Ball) Gemini Creates one temporary clone of the user per use; can be used repeatedly by the original and copies to double the group's number with each round of usage.
USK-Kyutama 26.png
Ohitsuji Kyutama (オヒツジキュータマ Ohitsuji Kyūtama, lit. Ram Nine Ball) Aries Fires a burst of energy that makes those struck fall asleep.
USK-Kyutama 27.png
Ikkakuju Kyutama (イッカクジュウキュータマ Ikkakujū Kyūtama, lit. Unicorn Nine Ball) Monoceros Equips a drill that resembles a unicorn horn to the user's arm.
USK-Kyutama 28.png
Mizugame Kyutama (ミズガメキュータマ Mizugame Kyūtama, lit. Water Jar Nine Ball) Aquarius Fires a jet of water.
USK-Kyutama 29.png
Yagi Kyutama (ヤギキュータマ Yagi Kyūtama, lit. Goat Nine Ball) Capricornus Records a video message for later reproduction.
USK-Kyutama 30.png
Kanmuri Kyutama (カンムリキュータマ Kanmuri Kyūtama, lit. Crown Nine Ball) Corona Borealis Makes a crown appear.
USK-Kyutama 31.png
Centaurus Kyutama (ケンタウルスキュータマ Kentaurusu Kyūtama, lit. Centaur Nine Ball) Centaurus
USK-Kyutama 32.png
Kujaku Kyutama (クジャクキュータマ Kujyaku Kyūtama, lit. Peacock Nine Ball) Pavo
USK-Kyutama 33.png
Pegasus Kyutama (ペガサスキュータマ Pegasasu Kyūtama, lit. Pegasus Nine Ball) Pegasus Summons forth the Pegasus armor Pega-san (ペガさん)
USK-Kyutama 34.png
Kaminoke Kyutama (カミノケキュータマ Kaminoke Kyūtama, lit. God's Hair Nine Ball) Coma Berenices Gives people new hairstyles.
USK-Kyutama 35.png
Ite Kyutama (イテキュータマ Ite Kyūtama, lit. Archer Nine Ball) Sagittarius Allows the user to attack with powerful arrows.
USK-Kyutama 36.png
Perseus Kyutama (ペルセウスキュータマ Peruseusu Kyūtama, lit. Perseus Nine Ball) Perseus One of the 4 components necessary to break the barrier protecting the Crux System.
USK-Kyutama 37.png
Kujira Kyutama (クジラキュータマ Kujira Kyūtama, lit. Whale Nine Ball) Cetus It has ability to spew water like a whale' squirting from it blowhole that fires a stream of water.
USK-Kyutama 38.png
Cassiopeia Kyutama (カシオペアキュータマ Kasiopea Kyūtama, lit. Cassiopeia Nine Ball) Cassiopeia One of the 4 components necessary to break the barrier protecting the Crux System. Summons a multi-colored baseball, allowing the Kyurangers to execute the Kyuranger Hurricane attack.
USK-Kyutama 39.png
Tokage Kyutama (トカゲキュータマ Tokage Kyūtama, lit. Lizard Nine Ball) Lacerta Enables the user to climb on any vertical surface.
USK-Kyutama 40.png
Andromeda Kyutama (アンドロメダキュータマ Andoromeda Kyūtama, lit. Andromeda Nine Ball) Andromeda Able to bind enemies in chains. Also one of the 4 components necessary to break the barrier protecting the Crux System.
USK-Kyutama 41.png

(Altered version)

Genbikyo Kyutama (ケンビキョウキュータマ Genbikyō Kyūtama, lit. Microscope Nine Ball) Microscopium Projects a lens for microscopic analysis;  can be altered so that it can shrink targets to microscopic levels.
USK-Kyutama 42.png
Ryoken Kyutama (リョウケンキュータマ Ryōken Kyūtama, lit. Hound Nine Ball) Canes Venatici Grants the user an enhanced sense of smell akin to that of a hound by turning their nose into an extendable dog's nose.
USK-Kyutama 43.png
Kirin Kyutama (キリンキュータマ Kirin Kyūtama, lit. Giraffe Nine Ball) Camelopardalis Allows the user to stretch their neck.
USK-Kyutama 44.png
Tobiuo Kyutama (トビウオキュータマ Tobiuo Kyūtama, lit. Flying fish Nine Ball) Volans Allows the user to swim rapidly.
Kyutama 45.png
Karasu Kyutama (カラスキュータマ Karasu Kyūtama, lit. Crow Nine Ball) Corvus Traps someone to a world of despair without an exit. A person with sufficient determination can break through this,
USK-Kyutama 46.png
Jyogi Kyutama (ジョウギキュータマ Jyōgi Kyūtama, lit. Ruler Nine Ball) Norma Materializes a special ruler and chalk that can be used to send a devastating attack at the enemy.
USK-Kyutama 47.png
Choukokushitsu Kyutama (チョウコクシツキュータマ Chōkokushitsu Kyūtama, lit. Sculptor Nine Ball) Sculptor
USK-Kyutama 48.png
Iruka Kyutama (イルカキュータマ Iruka Kyūtama, lit. Dolphin Nine Ball) Delphinus
USK-Kyutama 49.png
Compass Kyutama (コンパスキュータマ Konpasu Kyūtama, lit. Compass Nine Ball) Circinus Materializes a chalkboard compass.
Not to be confused with the Rashinban Kyutama (#19).
USK-Kyutama 50.png
Saidan Kyutama (サイダンキュータマ Saidan Kyūtama, lit. Altar Nine Ball) Ara
USK-Kyutama 51.png
Otome Kyutama (オトメキュータマ Otome Kyūtama, lit. Maiden Nine Ball) Virgo Increases the feminine potential of the user (even if they're male).
USK-Kyutama 52.png
Ooinu Kyutama (オオイヌキュータマ Ōinu Kyūtama, lit. Big Dog Nine Ball) Canis Major Enables the user to utilize dog fighting style.
USK-Kyutama 53.png
Sankaku Kyutama (サンカクキュータマ Sankaku Kyūtama, lit. Triangle Nine Ball) Triangulum
USK-Kyutama 54.png
Cepheus Kyutama (ケフェウスキュータマ Kefeusu Kyūtama, lit. King Nine Ball) Cepheus One of the 4 components necessary to break the barrier protecting the Crux System.
USK-Kyutama 55.png
Koto Kyutama (コトキュータマ Koto Kyūtama, lit. Lyre Nine Ball) Lyra Plays some music.
USK-Kyutama 56.png
Hakuchou Kyutama (ハクチョウキュータマ Hakuchō Kyūtama, lit. Swan Nine Ball) Cygnus
USK-Kyutama .png
Hae Kyutama (ハエキュータマ Hae Kyūtama, lit. Fly Nine Ball) Musca
USK-Kyutama 58.png
Hato Kyutama (ハトキュータマ Hato Kyūtama, lit. Dove Nine Ball) Columba Makes doves appear.
Kyutama 59.png
Gaka Kyutama (ガカキュータマ Gaka Kyūtama, lit. Painter Nine Ball) Pictor Allows one to paint a picture very quickly.
USK-Kyutama 60.png
Eridanus Kyutama (エリダヌスキュータマ Eridanusu Kyūtama, lit. Eridanus Nine Ball) Eridanus Releases a stream of water that reveals the true identiy of possessed people.
USK-Kyutama .png
Kyoshichou Kyutama (キョシチョウキュータマ Kyoshichō Kyūtama, lit. Toucan Nine Ball) Tucana
USK-Kyutama 62.png
Gyosha Kyutama (ギョシャキュータマ Gyosha Kyūtama, lit. Charioteer Nine Ball) Auriga Turns anyone into a motorcycle for the user.
USK-Kyutama .png
Kouma Kyutama (コウマキュータマ Kouma Kyūtama, lit. Small Horse Nine Ball) Equuleus
USK-Kyutama 64.png
Cup Kyutama (コップキュータマ Koppu Kyūtama, lit. Cup Nine Ball) Crater Manifests drinking glasses emblazoned with the Kyuranger logo.
USK-Kyutama 65.png
Mizuhebi Kyutama (ミズヘビキュータマ Mizuhebi Kyūtama, lit. Water Snake Nine Ball) Hydrus Enables the user to do snake fighting style
USK-Kyutama 66.png
Koinu Kyutama (コイヌキュータマ Koinu Kyūtama, lit. Little Dog Nine Ball) Canis Minor Makes the target act like an affectionate puppy.
USK-Kyutama 67.png
Umihebi Kyutama (ウミヘビキュータマ Umihebi Kyūtama, lit. Sea Snake Nine Ball) Hydra
USK-Kyutama 68.png
Usagi Kyutama (ウサギキュータマ Usagi Kyūtama, lit. Rabbit Nine Ball) Lepus Greatly enhances the user's jumping ability.
USK-Kyutama 69.png
Chokokugu Kyutama (チョウコクグキュータマ Chōkokugu Kyūtama, lit. Carving Nine Ball) Caelum Generates an energy chisel.
USK-Kyutama .png
Indian Kyutama (インディアンキュータマ Indian Kyūtama, lit. Indian Nine Ball) Indus
USK-Kyutama .png
Table-san Kyutama (テーブルサンキュータマ Tēburusan Kyūtama, lit. Mr.Table Nine Ball) Mensa
USK-Kyutama 72.png
Fuuchou Kyutama (フウチョウキュータマ Fūchō Kyūtama, lit. Bird of Paradise Nine Ball) Apus Allows the user to move instantly from one place to another.
USK-Kyutama 73.png
Minami Juuji Kyutama (ミナミジュウジキュータマ Minami Jūji Kyūtama, lit. South Cross Nine Ball) Crux
USK-Kyutama .png
Minami no Uo Kyutama (ミナミノウオキュータマ Minami no Uo Kyūtama, lit. Southern Fish Nine Ball) Piscis Austrinus
USK-Kyutama .png
Minami no Sankaku Kyutama (ミナミノサンカクキュータマ Minami no Sankaku Kyūtama, lit. Southern Triangle Nine Ball) Triangulum Australe
USK-Kyutama .png
Minami no Kanmuri Kyutama (ミナミノカンムリキュータマ Minami no Kanmuri Kyūtama, lit. Southern Crown Nine Ball) Corona Australis
USK-Kyutama 77.png
Kojishi Kyutama (コジシキュータマ Kojishi Kyūtama, lit. Small Lion Nine Ball) Leo Minor Summons Kojishi Voyager.
USK-Kyutama 78.png
Reticle Kyutama (レチクルキュータマ Rechikuru Kyūtama, lit. Reticle Nine Ball) Reticulum
Kyutama 79.png
Rokubungi Kyutama (ロクブンギキュータマ Rokubungi Kyūtama, lit. Sextant Nine Ball) Sextans Materializes a sextant tool.
Kyutama 80.png
Hachibungi Kyutama (ハチブンギキュータマ Hachibungi Kyūtama, lit. Octant Nine Ball) Octans Materializes an octant tool.
USK-Kyutama 81.png
Tsuru Kyutama (ツルキュータマ Tsuru Kyūtama, lit. Crane Nine Ball) Grus Enables user to do crane fighting style.
USK-Kyutama 82.png
Kogitsune Kyutama (コギツネキュータマ Kogitsune Kyūtama, lit. Small Fox Ball) Vulpecula Turns the user invisible.
USK-Kyutama 83.png
Ro Kyutama (ロキュータマ Ro Kyūtama, lit. Oven Nine Ball) Fornax Manifests a ready-made and lit campfire.
USK-Kyutama 84.png
Ya Kyutama (ヤキュータマ Ya Kyūtama, lit. Arrow Nine Ball) Sagitta Transforms the Kyurangers into baseball players.
USK-Kyutama 85.png
Yamaneko Kyutama (ヤマネコキュータマ Yamaneko Kyūtama, lit. Lynx Nine Ball) Lynx Enables the user to do cat fighting style.
USK-Kyutama 86.png
Ho Kyutama (ホキュータマ Ho Kyūtama, lit. Sail Nine Ball) Vela One of the 3 Kyutama necessary to complete the Argo Kyutama.
USK-Kyutama 87.png
Ryukotsu Kyutama (リュウコツタマ Ryūkotsu Kyūtama, lit. Keel Nine Ball) Carina One of the 3 Kyutama necessary to complete the Argo Kyutama.
USK-Kyutama 88.png
Tomo Kyutama (トモキュータマ Tomo Kyūtama, lit. Poop Deck Nine Ball) Puppis One of the 3 Kyutama necessary to complete the Argo Kyutama.
USK-Kyutama 89.png
Argo Kyutama (アルゴキュータマ Arugo Kyūtama, lit. Argo Nine Ball) Argo Navis Summons the Argo.
USK-Kyutama 111.png
Cerberus Kyutama (ケルベロスキュータマ Keruberosu Kyūtama, lit. Cerberus Nine Ball) Cerberus Summons the Cerberus Voyager.

Number/Code Image Name Constellation (Star) Uses

Hikari Kyutama (Taiyou Mode)

Hikari Kyutama (Tsuki Mode)

Hikari Kyutama (ヒカリキュータマ Hikari Kyūtama, lit. Shining Nine Ball) Sun/Moon Transforms the user into either Taiyou mode or Tsuki mode depending on which side is used. Can also be used as a flashlight.
USK-Kyutama 315.png
Saiko Kyutama (サイコーキュータマ Saikō Kyūtama, lit. Best Kyutama) Star system/Planetary system Uses the powers of the 12 Kyurangers to evolve Shishi Red into Shishi Red Orion.

These Kyutama are dark counterparts of the regular Kyutama, emblazioned with the Jark Matter logo.

Number/Code Image Name Constellation Uses
Space Shogunate Jark Matter
USK-Dark Kyutama.png
Dark Kyutama (ダークキュータマ Dāku Kyūtama, lit. Dark Nine Ball) Don Armage Allows Hebitsukai Silver to transform into Hebitsukai Metal.
Space Shogunate Jark Matter
USK-Black Hole Kyutama.png
Black Hole Kyutama (ブラックホールキュータマ Burakkuhōru Kyūtama, lit. Black Hole Nine Ball) Black Hole Used for Hebitsukai Metal's Metal Ophiuchus Crash attack. Also served as a vital component for the Black Hole Generator.

  • Super Sentai Kyutama (スーパー戦隊キュータマ Sūpā Sentai Kyūtama, lit. Super Sentai Nine Ball): Various Kyutama representing many different Sentai warriors. Their abilities are unknown at this time.

These are Neo Kyutama used to revive past Super Sentai Villains.

Logo color Image Name Villain
Juzo Kyutama.jpg
Juzo Kyutama (十臓キュータマ Jūzō Kyūtama, lit. Juzo Nine Ball) Juzo Fuwa
Basco Kyutama.jpg
Basco Kyutama (バスコキュータマ Basuko Kyūtama, lit. Basco Nine Ball) Basco ta Jolokia
Escape Kyutama.jpg
Escape Kyutama (エスケイプキュータマ Esukeipu Kyūtama, lit. Escape Nine Ball) Escape
Mele Kyutama.jpg
Mele Kyutama (メレキュータマ Mere Kyūtama, lit. Mere Nine Ball) Mele

These are Kyutama that do not fit any of the preceding categories.

Number/Code Image Name Constellation Uses
USK-Kyutama SP (Kyuranger).png
Kyuranger Kyutama (キュウレンジャーキュータマ Kyuranger Kyūtama, lit. Nine Ranger Nine Ball) Kyurangers Its powers are unknown, but when summoned out of the Kyulette, it allows all of the Kyurangers to fight out of the Orion
USK-Kyutama KR.png
Ex-Aid Kyutama (エグゼイドキュータマ Eguzeido Kyūtama, lit. Ex-Aid Nine Ball) Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki.png Summons Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki.png to the user's location.
When used in the DX Dark Seiza Blaster, it is instead recognized as the GenmIcon-crosswiki.png Kyutama (ゲンムキュータマ Genmu Kyūtama).
USK-Kyutama Xmas.png
Xmas Kyutama (クリスマスキュータマ Kurisumasu Kyūtama, lit. Christmas Nine Ball) Christmas Materializes Christmas clothing.
USK-Kyutama SP (All Voyager).png
All Voyager Kyutama (オールボイジャーキュータマ Ōru Boijā Kyūtama, lit. All Voyager Nine Ball) All Summons all the Kyurangers' Kyu Voyagers at once.


Neo Kyutama (ネオキュータマ Neo Kyūtama, lit. Neo Nine Ball)

Unused Kyutama

These are Kyutama that have sounds programmed into the DX Seiza Blaster, Ryutsueder, and Dark Seiza Blaster but have no confirmation regarding their presence in the show, and exist here for completion's sake.

Name Constellation / Representation
Big Bang Kyutama (ビッグ・バンキュータマ Biggu Ban Kyūtama, lit. Big Bang Nine Ball) Big Bang
Chi Kyutama (チキュータマ Chi Kyūtama, lit. Earth Nine Ball) Earth
Super Kyutama (スーパーキュータマ Sūpā Kyūtama, lit. Super Nine Ball) Supernova
Zyuohger Kyutama (ジュウオウジャーキュータマ Jūōjā Kyūtama, lit. Zyuohger Nine Ball) Zyuohgers
Genm Kyutama (ゲンムキュータマ Genmu Kyūtama, lit. Genm Nine Ball)[3] Kamen Rider GenmIcon-crosswiki.png

Behind the scenes

  • Only 71 out of the 89 standard Kyutama are used in the TV show. The Hae (#57), Kyoshichou (#61), Kouma (#63), Indian (#70), Table-san (#71), Minami no Uo (#74), Minami no Sankaku (#75) and Minami no Kanmuri (#76) Kyutama have not appeared in any media nor the toyline. Unlike the Centaurus (#31), Kujaku (#32), Choukokushitsu (#47), Iruka (#48), Saidan (#50), Sankaku (#53), Hakuchou (#56), Umihebi (#67), and Reticle (#78) Kyutama have not appeared in the TV series but have been represented by the toyline. The Minami Juuji (#73) Kyutama has not appeared in any media nor the toyline but does appear in a magazine scan.[4]
  • Even though there is not an official Ranger, the Orion and Ooguma Kyutama both have programmed sounds for transformation as they were planned to have separate rangers as seen in concept art.[5] In addition, if a Voyager is summoned with the Ooguma Kyutama it will say both Voyagers separately instead of their collective "Kuma Voyager"
  • The number 315 of the Saiko Kyutama refers to san-ichi-go (3-1-5)​, which is meant to sound like "Saiko" (最高 Greatest). It may also be rendered as sa-i-go (最後の Final), which would refer to the fact that the Saiko Kyutama is used to access Shishi Red's final form.



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