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Kyotoindaver (キョウトウインダベー Kōchō Indabē) is one of the three Daikaan of Planet 3B in the Norma System in the From Episode of Stinger, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: High School Wars web series.

Character History

Appearing after the death of her son, Seitokaichoindaver, she challenged the team of Lucky, Stinger, Naga Ray, Hammie, and Kotaro Sakuma to mention all the names of eighty-eight constellation systems, which they did, that she was physically injured. When it was just 5 constellations left, it was finally guessed by Kotaro, destroying her.


Behind the Scenes



  • If she were to count, she was the third female Jark Matter after Madakko and Akyanba.
  • Her weakness of words from her enemies makes her similar to Lovelica Bugster from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, with the difference being she's affected by correct answers of her questions, while Lovelica was affected by insults from women.
  • Kyotoindaver, Seitokaichoindaver, and Kochoindaver all have similar faces.
    • Coincidentally, their suit are the remodified version of Kaal Indaver's suit.
Kaal Indaver-1

Kaal Indaver


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