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Kyotarou Tatsumi is a rich friend of Kaori Rokumeikan who owned the infamous Bloody Diamond.

Character History

Although known to be cursed and causing nothing but bloodshed and madness to whomever owned it, Tatsumi ended up possessing the Bloody Diamond and chose to show it off to all those invited to his home as a means of wealth, including his friend Kaori who decides to bring Ako with her due to her obsession with rich possessions. Unfortunately, the diamond was targeted during this exhibition by Maria, who uses a Dimension Bug upon it to turn it into Dimension Beast Diamond Dimension and used its madness power to cause chaos to everyone within the reception. Tatsumi instructed the Jetman to assist in stopping it and its curse, which relied primarily on Kaori's hands after Ako becomes likewise cursed by Diamond Dimension's power.



Behind the Scenes

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