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Kylee Styles was an old friend of Kira's.


Kylee and Kira would write and play songs when they were in a band. Eventually, Kylee was discovered by a music agent. Soon Conner, Ethan, Hayley, Trent, Tommy, and Kira were talking about Kylee and how she was going to be in town promoting her new CD. Connor wanted to see her because she is fine, according to Ethan. Kira says that she was nice and caring back then, but now all she worries about is her image.

Then when Donkeyvac sucked the youth out of her, Kira was there to comfort her as she was still her friend. When everyone regained youth, Kylee kept saying how beautiful her face is. Then, at the arcade Cyberspace, Kira was singing a song that she and Kylee used to sing. Then Kylee got on stage and sang with Kira, everybody cheered. Kira felt better that Kylee knew to not only care about herself, but for others too.


  • Kylee is similar to her Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger counterpart Lirian who only cared about her image. Like Lirian had her youth stolen by Donkeyvac's counterpart Trinoid 6: Zakurobacuum. Unlike Lirian thpigh, who knew Ranru was AbareYellow, Kylee never discovers that Kira is a Power Ranger.
    • Also unlike her Abaranger counterpart, she does a duet with Kira at the end of the episode and Lirian who isn't only a singer but also a idol whereas Kylee is just a singer.


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