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Kusare Gedoshu

Kusare Gedoshu

The Kusare Gedoshu (クサレ外道衆 Kusare Gedōshū) are powerful Gedoshu with greater strength and endurance than the Nanashi Company. In addition, the Kusare Nanashi Company wear purple pantaloons instead of the usual yellow. The powerful Kusare Ayakashi Manpuku Aburame is their leader.

Three centuries before the present day they were halted and their leader sealed by Retsudo Shiba, the original Shinken Red. But in the 21st century, Dokoku Chimatsuri's summer power surge allowed him to break the seal. Manpuku and his army of ten thousand waged war on Tokyo and the surrounding countryside for three days, greatly fatiguing the eighteenth generation of Shinkengers and crippling the Ebi and Ika Origami before having to make a temporary retreat due to lack of Sanzu water. The next day, however, the tide was turned by Takeru Shiba restoring the Kyoryu Disc and consequently the Kyoryumaru, which he used to wipe out the army and slay Manpuku. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger the Movie: The Fateful War

Some time later, the remnants of the Kusare Gedoshu tried to take revenge on the Shinkengers, using a sickly boy and his nurse as hostages and bait in a duo of traps. But the first trap was foiled by the power of the Kyoryumaru, and the second by an airstrike with the DaiTenku. And Azemidoro, the Kusare Ayakashi who led the effort, fell to Kyoryu Shinken-Oh and DaiKai-Oh Minami. The Kyoryu Origami

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