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"Here you go. Be patient, be patient! There's something for everyone. Oh, no, no! Don't open your present until you get home, okay?"
―Kurushimemasu Org's first words

Kurushimemasu Org (クルシメマスオルグ, Kurushimemasu Orugu, The greatest actor among the Orgs, Rasetsu enlisted him in a plan to turn children into his favorite drink, Dream Juice. To accomplish that, Kurushimemasu Org assumes the guise of Christmas Org (クリスマスオルグ, Christmas Orugu, giving presents to children as a sign of good will, but actually giving them the stockings that would trap the children to begin the process. Furthermore, he tricked Kakeru into thinking the Orgs are tired of fighting. As a result, Kakeru befriends the Org by giving him his G-Phone. Once the trap is sprung, Kurushimemasu Org assumes his true form and attacks the other Gaorangers until Kakeru manages to break free before using the Hyakujuuken with extreme prejudice on the Org. TsueTsue revives Kurushimemasu Org, who died at the hands of GaoIcarus in spite of aiding Rasetsu in his master plan.


  • Like Human Body Speciman Org, Kurushimemasu Org true form was too horrifying for American audiences.


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