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The Kuroko Robot (黒子ロボット Kuroko Robotto) are two robots utilized by Oboro Hinata to assist the Hurricaneger. Whenever anyone in human society discovers the existence of the team or their abilities, the robots appear, lifting their covers revealing their mechanical faces and flashing their minds to make them forget everything they had witnessed by the team. The only exception was Kouta's sister Meiko, as both Yousuke and Nanami had to restrain the Kuroko Robot from erasing her memories of witnessing the team in action after the team realized that Meiko figured out her brother's secret identity despite Shurikenger's earlier deception. Scroll 41: Medal and Comedian

Character History

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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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  • The usage of the machines to blind people to the existence of ninjas and aliens is similar to that of the Neuralizer from the Men In Black franchise.
  • An actual squadron of Kuroko are used in Shinkenger to assist their Sentai team similarly.
  • This concept was not used in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
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