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Kuroko Bōma (クロコボーマ Kuroko Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes; it is the ultimate ally and final trump card of Princess Boma Jarmin

Character History

Kuroko Boma is the ultimate trump card of Jarmin, sealed within her body to assist her when needed when she is forced by Lagorn to perform a final attack on the Turboranger with failure unforgivable. During an initial assault, it protects Jarmin from all attacks against her before Daichi gets away from them with the disabled Turbo Truck. After Daichi and Dr. Dazai shoot down the pursuant Jarmin's Garzock ship, the duo work together against the Turboranger, particularly Black Turbo; he fights both and defeats both with the attacks of his T Hammer.

After Jarmin uses the last of her power to grow Kuroko Boma as she dies, it ends up becoming the first Boma Beast to face the Turboranger's new mecha: the Turbo Rugger, which defeats it with its Screw Rugger Kick.


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  • Her main ability is to copy and protect all abilities performed by Jarmin, as well taking all of the attacks directed towards Jarmin in order to protect her. When she is disabled, she can become her arms and legs; further like Jarmin herself, she has a serpentine appearance under her kuroko mask which she uses to assist in combat.

unmasked Kuroko Boma

Behind the Scenes


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