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"Wait. I remember you...You're that idiot from before."
―Kurasuniigo of 5000oc's first words after Hyde recognized him.[src]
"Well, well. You found me again. You're quite the little nuisance. Where's the other? I don't see your short-tempered little friend!"
―Kurasuniigo when confronted by the Goseigers (minus Hyde) for the second time.[src]
"Curse you all...Bibi's!"
―Kuransunigo summoning some Bibi Soldiers to help him after his Spin Crisis was defeated by Hyde and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
"Now I'll really light the sea on fire!"
―Kurasuniigo when enlarged,[src]
"You miserable fools don't stand a chance! I'll burn you to dust!"
―Kuransuniigo before blasting Gosei Great with a wave of fire and his final words before his death.[src]

Kurasuniigo of the 5000°C (5000℃のクラスニーゴ Gosendo no Kurasunīgo) is a Luview Alien (ルビーウ星人 Rubīu Seijin) working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

Character History

Sometime before Dereputa destroyed the Heaven Tower, Kurasuniigo decided to act on his own and attacked the Goseigers. He first appeared when he targeted Hyde as he protected the ocean, but his elder Magis appears to try and rescue him. Through a sacrificial attack, Magis attacks Kurasuniigo and throws him into the ocean as he dies.

However, Kurasuniigo managed to survive and reemerged from the water to resume his mission. When Hyde discovers Kurasuniigo's return, he immediately attacks him out of vengeance over Magis' death, but ends up throwing off the Goseiger's battle abilities and thus allows for the Warstar Insect to escape into the sea. After rediscovering his own purpose to protect the ocean by way of an ichthyologist friend of Professor Amachi, Hyde becomes rededicated to his mission and calmly and coordinately works to fight and ultimately defeat Kurasuniigo, stunning him with the Seaick Bowgun before the team destroys him with the Gosei Buster. After Brajira revives him, they summon Gosei Great and overpower him. Although he burns them up with his heat blasts, they made quick work of with Seaick Gosei Great and killed him with its Seaick Strike.


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Kurasuniigo is able to exude heat from his armor that he uses his Spin Crisis (スピンクライシス Supin Kuraishisu) ((where he rapidly spins on the spot, generating an energy tornado of fire around himself, and striking down his enemies in a similar fashion to the Gosei Tornado) and Corona Crisis (コロナクライシス Korona Kuraishisu) (where he charges himself up with maximum energy and fires orange energy balls into the air to rain down on his enemies in his strongest attack). Alternatively, he can fire devastating red energy beams from his arms or fire a devastating orange fireball from his front when he energizes himself with heat which was strong enough to take down all five Goseigers with one hit. He can even generate a shield of flame energy in front of himself that made him immune to the Gosei Blasters. Alternatively, he can swipe across the screen to generate a wave of fire strong enough to knock down all four Goseigers.

Behind the Scenes


Kurasuniigo of 5000°C is portrayed by Tomoaki Maeno (前野 智昭 Maeno Tomoaki), who would later voice Gunjoji in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


  • Movie Reference: Kurasuniigo's name is from Solar Crisis (クライシス2050 Kuraishisu Nisengo).
    • Kurasuniigo's ability to destroy the Earth by warming the oceans is similar to the plot of the movie involving the Earth being under threat by a solar flare.
  • Kurasuniigo is modeled after a weevil.
    • His home planet, "Luview" (ルビーウ) is "weevil" (ウィービル) backwards and with the suon kana removed.
  • As revealed in Epic 39, Kurasuniigo's murder of Magis occurred prior to Dereputa's destruction of Heaven's Tower; thus making him the first Warstar enemy to attack Earth.
  • Kurasuniigo is one of the 7 Universal Insect Monsters not to be adapted into Universal Insect Monsters in Power Rangers Megaforce.

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