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Kurando Tani (谷蔵人) is the previous Shinken Green, and the current's widowed father. He was supposed to teach Chiaki the ways of bushido but instead saw life in the best possible light. In reality, his way of life was meant to inspire Chiaki to become a samurai on his own, rather than be conditioned into the role. Because his wife died when Chiaki was young, Kurando wanted his son to be a happy child.

He participated in the previous defeat of Dokoku Chimatsuri, returning to his former life after the death of Masataka Shiba, the previous Shinken Red. He appears in Episode 21 when Mako and Chiaki are in the same restaurant and it becomes a hostage situation related to the Kuroko.

Character History

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Shinken Green

Shinken Green



Behind the Scenes


  • Kurando is portrayed by Kenichiro Kikuchi. In his flashback appearance, he was portrayed by an unidentified stand-in with his voice provided by Yoshimasa Tanno (丹野 宜政 Tanno Yoshimasa).


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