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The Energy Lifeform Kuragen (エネルギー生命体クラゲン Enerugī Seimei-tai Kuragen) is a creature created from the genetic base of a jellyfish by the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess. It was created by the guidance of Great Emperor Ra Deus, who saw the potential of jellyfish and had Great Doctor Lee Keflen modify one with their genetic knowledge to create a being that will assist them.

Whenever a monster is destroyed by Flashman, the Kuragen is released from Mess' spacecraft, where it flies to the position of the defeated monster. Firing a beam from its "eye", it releases energy that makes the monster hit by it rebuilt and grow giant, while making it shrink to a tiny size until it can restore its own energy and original size. The Mess minions assist in restoring Kuragen's energy by setting it in a special pool that allows it to absorb energy to restore to its giant size.Ep. 15: The Giant Robo is Worn Out

After exhausting all of his means of combat due to various betrayals and schemes, Keflen uses Kuragen as the subject of his final Beast Warrior: The Demoss, created by fusing Kuragen with the remaining genetics of Ra Deus on its mask in order to make it into a Deus Beast Warrior. Due to Kuragen's abilities to siphon and release energy, The Demoss appeared unstoppable for the Flashman (particularly weakened due to reaching the final stages of the Anti-Flash Phenomenon) and are only able to stop this creature using the unlimited energy of Great Titan's Titan Nova, firing several rounds that ultimately destroy The Demoss and likewise Kuragen.Final Ep.: Farewell! Our Home Planet

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