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"Feels so good, pu!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Kunks Butylmercaptan (カンクス・ブチルメルカプタン Kankusu Buchirumerukaputan) is a Skunk-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "Life in pink/La Vie en rose" treasure from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

Kunks Butylmercaptan's head is a black and white skunk head with a golden odor mask, his green shoulders are black and red skunk feet, his arms are golden robotic arms, his black and white chest has red gems on the right side and a Gangler safe on the left side, his legs are black and white skunk feet, and his feet are green backwards skunk feet.

Character History

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He is a bit immature, ending his sentences wth the phrase "pu".

Powers and Abilities

  • Explosive gas: Kunks can release a foul smelling explosive gas from his fingers.
  • Scent Disguise: Due to the "Life in pink/La Vie en rose" Lupin Collection piece equipped in his safe, Kunks can alter the scent of anything that gives off a scent (namely his explosive gas). If the "Life in pink/La Vie en rose" is removed from Kunks's safe however, the effects of the piece are negated and anything that was effected by it reverts back to its original scent.


  • Shikalibur (シッカリバー Shikkaribā): In battle, Kunks wields a single sword shaped like an antler.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Height: 186 cm (Giant: 46.5 m)
  • Weight: 215 kg (Giant: 537.5 tons)
  • Criminal Record: Stalking, Arson
  • Lupin Collection: Life in pink/La Vie en rose Rose Bouquet
  • Gangler Safe Location: Left Pectoral
  • Password: 9-3-1


Kunks Butylmercaptan concept

concept art

  • Kunks Butylmercaptan is designed by Ryosuke Shibuya.[1]
  • Animal Theme: Skunk
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: short-faced skunk
  • Kunks's name contains several references to his skunk theme:
    • His first name is "skunk" with the "s" moved to the end.
    • His last name is Butyl mercaptan (Also known as Butanethiol (n-butyl mercaptan), which is a volatile liquid with a fetid (extremely foul-smelling) odor which is commonly described as "skunk" odor) without the space .
  • Kunks' Ganger Safe access code could be read as ku (9) - sa (3) - i (1);i.e. stink
  • Kunks' is the first Sentai Monster since Bara Skunk, Skunk Mozoo, and  Aerotsutaskunk to have a skunk theme.
    • He is also the first Gangler Monster to be grown by Goche before he was defeated (This would again happen 12 episodes later, but this time, Destra Majjo was enlarged).
  • His weapon was reused from Brez Arenishka.


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