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"Kumo, Kuma, kuma, kuma, kuma!"
―Kumorugin's first words[src]

Kumorugin (クモルギン Kumorugin) (17) is the spider-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Kumorugin is summoned by Doldora in a scheme to break apart the unity of Fiveman as a sibling team; with her disguising herself as a nice girl named “Midori” (the same name as the Fiveman’s mother), she seduces Fumiya to go out with her while one of the Galactic Warrior’s spider tracer is planted into his hair, forcing him to follow any commands given to him. The other Hoshikawa siblings become suspicious of Fumiya acting strangely; when FiveBlack tries to attack Gaku in his sleep, the tracer is discovered and ultimately destroyed. Playing along with Doldora and Kumorugin from here, they treat Fumiya like he is still brainwashed and give up their V-Changers to her as she and the Galactic Warrior instruct him to walk off a cliff. Once she discovers the dead tracer, Ken retakes the V-Changers and Fiveman fight against Kumorugin, defeating it with their five combined Five Blasters. After Doldora uses Gorlin #15 to absorb Kumorugin, it is quickly defeated by FiveRobo with Fumiya at the control.



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  • It has multiple spider abilities, such as the manipulation of webs for combat. Its special ability is the creation of a small “spider tracer” that can be planted on a person, forcing whomever it is on to follow whatever commands are given to them.

Behind the Scenes


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