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The Kuliners (クライナー Kurainā) are the trains that the Evil Army Shadow Line use to fight the ToQgers, which can transform into the humanoid Kuliner Robos (クライナーロボ Kurainā Robo). These are mostly piloted by Kuros and are oftentimes used as a mode of transportation by the Line's generals and the Emperor. Three Kuliners can combine into the Cho-Kuliner Robo (超クライナーロボ Chō-Kurainā Robo) armed with the Rail Gladius (レール系グラディウス Rēru-kei Guradiusu) sword and the Rail Heater Shield(レール系ヒーターシールド Rēru-kei Hītā Shīrudo). In Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. ToQger The Movie: Ninjas in Wonderland, Dark Doctor Mavro pilots a modified version of the Cho-Kuliner Robo called the Cho-Cho-Kuliner Robo (超超クライナーロボ Chō-Chō-Kurainā Robo).



Kuliner Robos



  • KuLiner Robo
    • Height: 42.5 m
    • Weight: 1600 t
  • Cho Kuliner Robo
    • Height: 85 m
    • Weight: 4800 t
  • Cho Cho Kuliner Robo
    • Height: 88 m
    • Weight: 4970 t

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