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Character History

Kulernian Jellyfis (Kurân Seijin Jerifisu) (48-49): Jellyfish-like Alienizer who possesses human beings and takes control of their nervous system, which is forbidden by space law. He has first possessed Ban, and uses him to attack the other Dekarangers. When Ban begins to beg for his friends to kill him in order to stop Jellyfis, Tetsu is forced to risk Ban's life in order to save him from the evil Alienizer. Tetsu used the "Super Electro Fist" against Ban (who's DekaSuit has been deactivated by Jellyfis), causing Ban's heart to stop. When Jellifis left Ban's body, Tetsu used his Electro Fist technique as an unorthodox defibrillator, successfully resulting in Ban's revival. Jellyfis is used as a distraction to keep the Dekarangers busy so Rainian Agent Abrella could invade the DekaBase. Piloted second version of Heavy Industrial Machine Million Missile. Deleted by Super Dekaranger Robo.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Jellyfis is a pun on the word jellyfish.


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