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"Daigo. My wish was to train as the Peacock Buddha's incarnation, so that I could rid Gara of her scar. I finally made my wish come true. Unfortunately, I will perish. It's the price of keeping peace as the Peacock Buddha's incarnation. I'm fine with this. Daigo. I'm glad that I revived. So that I could meet you. Thank goodness..."
―Kujaku's final words to Daigo before her death.[src]

Kujaku was a follower of the Mahamayuri Vidyaraja, the Peacock Buddha and a master of kenpo. She was also Daigo's love interest.


Kujaku became a follower to restore Gara by finding the Peacock's Tears, an ancient artifact said to heal whoever drinks from it. But Gara was unaware at the time as she joined the Gorma Tribe and through deception, trapped Kujaku with the Mirror Make-Up Artist. Kujaku swore revenge since then. For six-thousand years, she was imprisoned within that mirror until she was freed by Daigo.

But she had forgotten about compassion and love during her long imprisonment and the sight of Gara was enough to set her homing in with nothing in her mind but murder. It took a combination of Daigo's perseverance and a little girl's compassion and kindness to give her a change of heart. But, by that time, she had realized something was wrong; she was ill. When within her finally woke those deadened feelings of compassion, she stopped her pursuit of Gara and decided to return to her pursuit of the Peacock's Tears. And when she learned of the reason Gara had become a Gorma, Kujaku was overcome with the compassion and love that had led her to begin her search in the first place.

But all the pollutants and things in the world were killing Kujaku. Even if she took her one drink from the Peacock's Tears, she would only sicken again and die. So instead she used the artifact for Gara to restore her beauty. When Kujaku died, she went to Heaven with the real Gara at her side.

Kujaku would later reappear in spirit to restore Daigo's spirit and later to plea to him not to seek vengeance.

Modus and arsenal

Kujaku was deeply in tune with nature to the point of being able to heal plants but was ultimately killed by that same connection due to pollution. She was also a skilled swords-mistress, matching Gara easily with her ultimate technique being her Secret Teqnique, Wind Fan. This is where she fills out the fan on her back to resemble that of a peacock before turning into a pheonix made of orange flames to plow through her enemy, knocking Gara down.

Behind the scenes


As a child, she was portrayed by Kyoko Iwashita (岩下 恭子 Iwashita Kyōko).



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