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Kugutsukai (クグツカイ, Kugutsukai, 30): Kugutsukai is an Ayakashi who serves under Akumaro and is able to control people with strings like a puppeteer. Targeting the Takashiro Academy, Kugutsukai intends to create a puppet army out of the student body.

Once he is discovered, the Ayakashi uses his army on the Shinkengers. He is slain by Super ShinkenBlue before being destroyed again by Shinken DaiGoyou. His appearance and abilities are the basis of the Kosode-no-te (小袖の手) of Japanese myth.


  • He is one of the few Ayakashi that were not adapted into Nighloks. The others were NakinakiteHachouchin, SasamatageChinomanako, Urawadachi, and Madakodama.
    • It is likely that he was not adapted due to his design incorporating a flayed human into his body, which would have been considered too disturbing for American audiences.
    • He is the only of Akumaro's Ayakashi to be unadapted.

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