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Kudakks (クダック Kudakku) are the foot soldiers of the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.

Character History


The very first Kudakks seen in the series accompany Mobile Commander Barashitara to the World of Zenkaizer which has avoided Tojitendo capture until now and Gege has convinced Great King Boccowaus to launch a traditional invasion instead of just making it another Tojiru Gear in the usual fashion. Barashitara declares that this world belongs to the Tojitendo before sending his Kudakks in to attack and they are brutally efficient about it. After destroying most of a plaza, they spread out into the nearby area with three fighting a woman and her broom but Kaito Goshikida (a guy who confronted Barashitara moments ago and has been thrown several miles) recovers with a mixture of martial arts and a bucket. Later, the Kudakks continue attacking whilst Kikaitopian Juran sits down and realizes that he is perceived as a monster only for a Kudakk to target a child and he has to step in to stop it. At this moment, Kaito reappears wielding a Transformation Gun Geartlinger with which he guns down a Kudakk which forces the Kudakks to regroup. Once they return though, Kaito and Juran have teamed up and gun down a random Kudakk after Barashitara and a Kudaiter join the batte. They then hhenshin into Zenkaizer and Zenkai Juran respectively who easily wipe out the Kudakks with the Juran Sword and Geartlinger before killing the Kudaiter and sending Barashitara packing. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 1-kai! The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai!


Like many other Sentai footsoldiers, the Kudakks are little more than mindless cannon fodder with their main goal just being destroy everything.

Powers and Abilities


  • Icy Surface Adaptation: The Kudakks were able to maintain traction on Ice World's ice rink.


  • Strength-A Kudakk was able to take down a fully grown man with a light smack to the side of his head from its Plug Lancer.


  • Weak Nature-The Kudakks were extremely weak and easy to defeat. They only ever posed a danger in great numbers.
  • Stupidity-The Kudakks weren't very bright since a woman (and a middle-aged woman at that) holding an ordinary broom was able to fend off three of them.


  • Plug Lancers (プラグランサー Puragu Ransā): The Kudakks wield two-pronged power plug-like spears in combat.
    • Bullets: They are able to shoot from their Plug Lancers.

Behind the Scenes


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"Kudakk" is derived from the Japanese word 砕く(Kudaku), meaning "to crush".


  • It was revealed in episode 33 that Kudakks have 17 teeth.



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