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"Turn on the monitors, you worthless Kudabots"
Galvanax talking to the Kudabots[src]

The Kudabots are the first set of robotic, ashigaru-like footsoldiers of the Galaxy Warriors, who are armed with yari spears and tanegashima arquebuses. Their yari spears have the ability to fire energy blasts out of them. The Kudabots also pilot the Warrior Dome.


Kudabots serve as Galvanax's front line troops and guards. They often assist Galvanax's monsters in fighting the Rangers. They also serve as technicians and assistants on Galvanax's ship. Like most Power Rangers foot soldiers, Kudabots are easy to beat one-on-one, and are typically deployed in large numbers to compensate for their individual weakness.

Kudabots communicate in undecipherable high-pitched electronic noises. When damaged or defeated, they emit a yellow-white surge of energy. In some cases, their bodies disintegrate completely.

After Galvanax's death, the surviving Kudabots work exclusively for Madame Odius. Echoes of Evil

They are all destroyed offscreen when Victor and Monty blow up the Warrior Dome Ship. Reaching the Nexus

Powers and Abilities


  • Yari spears.
    • Energy Blasts-These spears can fire energy bolts.


  • Unlike their Sentai counterparts, who were all upgraded by Raizo Gabi (Ripcon's Sentai counterpart) into the Jukkarage (Basherbots' Sentai counterparts), the Kudabots are a different set of army from the Basherbots, as they appeared a few times even though the Basherbots already existed and take over their roles as the enemy foot soldiers. This is similar to a situation in Ninninger's summer movie, where the Hitokarage and Jukkarage both coexist under the villain Juza Yumihari.
  • The Kudabots appear only in flashback in "Reaching the Nexus ".
  • It has been revealed that Kudabots cannot talk by Cosmo Royale.Galvanax Rises
    • In addition, they can be affected by bad smells such as fart, despite being robots.


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