This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.


  • Hazard Level: 17; 0 (After Mogari's defeat)

The Kubi ( literally "neck") is a special water-like medicine utilized by an ancient civilization of the Kubitani, the valley which they lived in. The warriors in the valley were ultimately killed off by beheading, but they continued on by protecting their Precious by utilizing the tricks of the valley itself as well as the usage of Mogari, a stone guardian preventing anyone from reaching or using it for themselves. Arch Priest Gajah gains control of the medicine and uses it to lure the Boukengers into the valley, pouring drops on them and letting them get attacked by Mogari until they discover the mechanism. After seemingly stopping the guardian, the true Mogari guardian awakens: a giant version of the defeated being which is ultimately stopped by the GoGo Drill and Shovel combination on DaiBouken. After its defeat, though, the Kubi has no further value as a Precious, it's danger level only existing due to the means to achieve it. Task 6: The Cursed Fog

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