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Broodwing summoning them[src]

Krybots are the Enemy Foot Soldiers in Power Rangers S.P.D.. They are robotic drones that serve as the Troobian Empire's grunt force. They are summoned in massive squads from spherical devices resembling the White variant's heads. They are armed with mounted blades on their hands that can also shoot energy lasers.


The white-headed Krybot summoning device.

Krybots come in three different colors: White, Blue, and Orange. White is the most common and the weakest type; they can be distinguished by their lack of armor and round head, which has seven black holes: five on the face and two on the back. The Blue-Head Krybots are stronger and smarter than the Whites, and serve as Emperor Gruumm's personal guards. The Orange-Head Krybots are even more powerful than the Blues and serve as battlefield commanders. 



Creation of Krybots

The Krybots serve the Troobian Empire for whom Broodwing united to join the Empire. They help the intergalactic criminals or creations of Mora/Morgona to battle against the Rangers and Space Patrol Delta.


Krybots and Tyrannodrones in Wormhole.

The Krybots and the Tyrannodrones united in the episode Wormhole to conquer Reefside in the past, but failed.

They were all destroyed in Endings Part 2 during their raid on the Delta Base, along with the Blue and Orange headed models.

In 2205, rebuilt Krybots were part of Monsieur Muster's collection.


The Krybots speak in beeps, very similar to that of robots.

Powers and Abilities[]


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  • Extraordinary Leaper: The Krybots can leap at an incredible distance.


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  • Swords: The Krybots carry swords for combat.
  • Left Arm Mounted Blades: The Krybots' primary weapon, they posses a mounted blade their left arms that aids them in combat.
    • Energy Lasers: The Krybots can fire light orange colored energy lasers from their blades.

Behind the Scenes[]


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  • Being formed of what appears to be compacted alloys, these robots might call to mind the practice of cryogenics. From Ancient Greek roots, the word describes the process of freezing all or part of a living organism at extremely low temperatures in order to preserve the organism by halting molecular activity.



Power Rangers: Super Legends[]

The Krybots can be seen in Power Rangers: Super Legends.

In the DS version, white-headed Krybots (the only kind that appear in the game) are the first "armored" enemy that the player faces, meaning that the player must use their sword weapon to attack. Krybots first appear in the first Time Force level. They are armed with swords that can shoot laser beams out of their tips; when on the same level as the player, they will stop, take aim with their swords and shoot. However, the player can easily dodge this attack, by crouching a short distance away from the Krybot. When the Krybots get close, and the player has been stationary for a time, they will start slashing.

Power Rangers Deck-Building Game[]

Krybots appear in the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game. They are available in the "S.P.D. To The Rescue Pack" expansion.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Krybots appear in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as an opponent in the "Merciless Minions #2" expansion. They are classified as Foot Soldiers.

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game[]

Krybots appear in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game as a Threat in the "Across the Stars" expansion.

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